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Best Bondi Restaurants

For those of you who know us, we love Bondi. On our most recent trip to Sydney, we barely left Bondi and ended up eating at a lot of restaurants. This is a quick list of our favorite restaurants in Bondi.

Here is a shared Google Map with all the places.

Here is my Instagram story for some visuals.

The List

North Bondi Fish – Beautiful bar/restaurant with a great vibe, on the water in Bondi. They have amazing cocktails and the BEST frosé of any place I’ve ever been.

Porch and Parlor—If you only have one breakfast/brunch in Bondi this is the place to go. Order the pea pancakes and a coffee.

Tottis — The newest most “in” Italian restaurant in Bondi. It’s so beautiful and the food is good (but also not the best Italian food I’ve ever had if I’m being honest). 

The Shop—This is the tiniest restaurant with a few sidewalk tables. There’s no real vibe, but they have great fresh salads and sandwiches. I’m obsessed with the miso chop. 

Bills—It’s an institution. They are known for their incredible pancakes but everything there is good. I love their coffee. 

Icebergs—Obligatory for a photo. Worth it for a drink and the view. It’s not necessary to go there for a meal. The food is fancy and not nearly as delicious as many of the other places nearby.

Sefa Kitchen—A cute and delicious mediterranean spot wit

Bucket List—I love this vibey beach bar a few steps off the sand. It’s more of beer and wine spot. (When it comes to actual drinks I still prefer North Bondi Fish because they have way better cocktails) 

Bondi’s Best—They’re known for their amazing fresh fish that they cook whichever way you want. You order your sides al la cart. Get the eggplant—it’s insane.

La Piadina—This is a super neighborhoody spot (aka no vibe and just a few sidewalk tables). They have the BEST smashed avo I’ve ever had!

A Tavola Bondi—If you’re up for a good Italian restaurant—this could be the place.

*Coogee Pavilion—This place pumps. It’s a food/drink count with an awesome bar upstairs. Go on a Sunday afternoon if you want to party.

*Gould Street—A cute tiny street in Bondi with the best shopping. My favorite acai bowl is from a hole in the wall on this street.