Hey! Hi! I’m Lauren, but only my mom uses that. Most people call me Jacks or Jaxy—and I’m short, so at some point in time I acquired the title Pocket Jax. I was born and raised in Los Angeles, went to school at The University of Michigan, and lived in San Francisco the past four years.

For two and a half years I worked for Airbnb wearing a variety of hats and costumes along the way. During that time, I interacted with a bunch of creatives, world travelers, and builders—basically, all people who spent their days pursuing their passions.

In October 2014 my life changed drastically and I realized that it was time to make some decisions. Most importantly, I needed to choose to start living the wanderlust/creative lifestyle I admired so much.

So in the beginning of 2015 I spent two months traveling though South Africa, and two months traveling through Asia with my now husband Daniel—who we can refer to as bedazzled Dan (since every pocket needs some sparkle). Since then we’ve continued traveling, absorbing culture, and telling stories

The purpose of this blog is to share some fun stories about travel, expose the local flavor of different cultures, people, places, post fun photos from my Instagram account, and provide my personal and completely biased opinions. Enjoy!

*Please excuse any typos/obvious auto correct situations/poor sentence structure, most of these posts are typed on my phone.*


I am a social person

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