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My ‘Second Baby’ Product List

You don’t need much—mostly just new meds and products for the diaper changing table.


  • Car Seat (Nuna Rava)
    • Since we already own the Nuna Pipa car seat (used it for the first baby), I purchased the Rava as a second car seat for our toddler. 
  • Mirror (Britax Back Seat Mirror)
    • Need a second one 


  • YoYo Board
    • We already have the YoYo Stroller so I added this Board so we could push the baby and have space for our toddler simultaneously while out on the go. 
  • Uppa Baby Vista Lower Adaptors
    • We already have the Vista stroller so I added the lower adaptors so we could push both kids. *One thing to note is that you can only use the bassinet on the lower adaptors, which means the toddler seat goes on top (not ideal). The only way to change the configuration is to buy the Rumble Seat—I’m not ready to commit to that yet.  Jury is still out on if this will be our stroller vs. a double stroller. 


  • Dish Soap (Dapple)
    • I used this last time around—it just helped get the breast milk out of bottles better than regular dish soap. 
  • Breastmilk Storage Bottles (Matyz 4 Pack)
    • I wish I knew about these my first go around. They are so much better than what I was using before. This is the only bottle I’ve found that is truly leak proof which is amazing. These are especially great if you’re an overproducter because they fit enough milk each pumping session without having to change bottles. 
  • Breastmilk Storage Bags (Mommy’s Precious)
    • I ordered both these and the Lansinoh Storage Bags which leaked everywhere. I like these Mommy’s Precious one’s because they store more milk (8oz) and they are sturdy. Just remember not to trust the measurements on the bags because for some reason they are off. 
  • Bottles (Como Tomo 5oz)
    • I bought a two pack of these just to have a new set. I will probably get 3-6 Flow Nipples next. 

Changing Table

  • Diaper Pail (Dekor Classic Hands Free)
    • We already had this one from baby number one, and decided to pull it back out (it’s better for small diapers.
  • Windi Whistle
    • Worth having on hand the second time around! 
  • Wipes (Water Wipes)
    • I ordered a whole box of these ahead of time.

Medicine (I’m not a doctor so please check with your pediatrician before using anything)



  • Detergent (Dreft)
    • I ordered this ahead of time but I might switch to something else after I use this up. Dreft changed their scent and I don’t love it.


  • Diapers (Huggies Newborn)
    • I ordered two packs ahead of time.
  • Pacifiers 
    • I ordered two WubbaNub pacifiers (because I forgot that it’s nice to wedge the stuffed animal part against the bassinet so that the pacifier stays in their mouth). I also ordered one pack of Vanilla scented Soothies because that’s what they used in the NICU. 

My Baby Product List

This list is pretty exhaustive. I’ve taken notes on most of what I’ve registered for/received/purchased since we’ve had babies (over the span of about 19 months). Feel free to use this as a guideline but just know every baby likes something different.

A few suggestions:

*Don’t register for clothing unless there is something specific you want. You will get lots of clothing as gifts. 

*I’d refrain from registering for books, blankets, multiple swaddles, multiple hooded towels, stuffed animals, or toys (unless you want specific ones). You get a lot of these things as gifts.  

About 95% of the stuff on this list is not necessary for the first few months, a lot of this has been purchased as the weeks have gone on so don’t be overwhelmed (easier said than done I know). If you have questions about any of it/what you need immediately feel free to ask me!

*** (means I think it’s worthwhile to have at the beginning).


  • Breast Pump (Spectra S2) ***
    • Get your pump through insurance. This was one of the 3 options offered by mine. I chose it because it was quiet and has backflow protection. I like it, but I’ve never used another pump so I don’t have anything to compare it to.—The second time around I got the Spectra S1 which is great because it’s portable and doesn’t have to be plugged into a wall.
  • Portable Breast Pump (Spectra 9)
    • I bought this right before we left for Australia so that I could use it on the go. I think it was pretty good as far as portable pumps go, but the bottles and flanges are just as large as on the regular pump. Aka it’s not discreet, just portable. 
  • Dish Soap (Dapple) ***
    • I was told to use this one because it’s fragrance free and easily gets rid of residue from breast milk. 
  • Bottle Warmer (Kiinde Kozii Bottle Warmer)
    • As far as bottle warmers go, this one is pretty easy to use (although I’ve read online that it is pretty easy to break). It works well for warming up frozen milk in a bag. However, I think it’s just as quick and easy to warm up a bottle from the refrigerator in a mug/pot of hot water.
  • Breastmilk Storage Bottles (Breastmilk Bottles 6 Pack)
    • I use these bottles to pump into and store breastmilk in the refrigerator because they’re easy to clean and I don’t have to buy additional regular bottles with nipples. It is worth noting that these are not leak proof.
  • Breastmilk Storage Bags (110 Count 8 Ounce Storage Bags)
    • I like these bags best because they are sturdy and you can store more than 6 ounces without them exploding. The only thing to note is that their measuring system is off, so make sure to label the amount of milk you are putting in.
  • Bottle Drying Rack (Boon Lawn Countertop Drying Rack) ***
    • This “grass” is nice because you can really stack lots of different items (bottles, breast pump parts, pacifiers, medicine syringes, nasal aspirators, etc.) in it and everything drains out well. This is great if you have counter space—but if you’re tight for space maybe look at something like the OXO Tot Space Saving Drying Rack. Just remember to take the grass apart from the tray twice a week and wash it down to prevent mold from growing. 
  • Drying Rack Accessory (Boon Twig Grass and Lawn Drying Rack Accessory)
    • I was told to buy some of these along with the Boon Grass. You stick them into the grass and it holds the little stuff up high so bigger stuff can dry down below. I only use one of them.
  • Alcohol Test Strips for Breast Milk (Upspring Milkscreen
    • These are not a necessity I just ordered them because someone told me to. I’ve used them a few times. If anything it’s an easy way to know when to pump and dump. 
  • Bottle Brush (OXO Tot Bottle Brush with Stand) ***
    • I feel like I wash about 300 bottle/breast pump parts a day so a good brush is definitely worth it. When I first got this I thought it looked gigantic, however, the bristles are super soft so they fit in all of the tiny bottle/breast pump parts.
  • Bottles (Como Tomo 5 oz and Como Tomo 8 oz) ***
    • Bottles are another item you might have to test out before buying in bulk since every baby has their own preference. I choose to try out bottles that reduced as much air as possible and were anti colic. I started with one pack of the Como Tomo 5 oz bottles. My first baby used these for a while and then he stopped taking bottles until 9 months old. My second baby doesn’t seem to have a preference.
  • Bottles (Dr. Brown’s Bottles
    • When my first baby finally started using a bottle again (at 9 months old) the only bottle he would take were Dr. Browns. I won’t use these bottles again with my second baby. There are too many components to this bottle which makes cleaning them a pain.
  • Nipples (Preemie Nipples) ***
    • In the beginning start out with these for a slower milk output. (for a slower milk output). 
  • High Chair (OXO Tot Sprout High Chair with Tray Cover
    • We’ve used a few different high chairs at different houses. This one is by far my favorite. It’s cute, easy to assemble, and the tray clicks in with one hand. It also has a footrest (which is apparently important once babies are big enough to use one). Additionally the tray has a top piece that snaps on which makes cleaning pretty easy.
  • Baby Cooker (BEABA Babycook 4 in 1 Steam Cooker & Blender)
    • I wavered on weather or not to get this. I finally caved after making my own baby food in the Vitamix realizing how much cleaning I had to do (both this and a pot) for such a small amount of food. The machine is pretty cool because it’s a really quick and easy way to steam and puree baby food with fool proof instructions. If you actually plan on making food this is worth it.
  • Baby Food Jars (Sage Spoonfuls Glass Big Batch, 4 Ounce(Pack of 12))
    • These are amazing storage containers for the small amounts of baby food you make. I make bigger batches of food at once so I can store some of it in the freezer in these containers.  
  • First Baby Spoons (NumNum Pre-Spoon GOOtensils)
    • A specialist in feeding babies spoke to my baby group about both purees and baby led weaning. She highly recommended these spoons because they’re easy for babies to feed themselves with since they’re flat and don’t require balancing or scooping. We’ve had good success with them! Not only has our baby figured out how to get food in his mouth with these, but he also loves to chew on the silicone.
  • Baby Spoons (BEABA First Stage Baby Feeding Spoon Set)
    • When our first baby wasn’t into feeding himself we used these. They work, but I wouldn’t necessarily say they’re better than other spoons.  
  • Munchkin 4 Count Raise Toddler Fork and Spoon 12+
    • These look like a combination of adult utensils and kids utensils. They have metal as well as plastic and I think that’s why my son likes them. We’ve tried a few other kinds of all plastic utensils and they never had the same appeal for him. You don’t need these for a while.
  • Bib with Spill Catcher (OXO Tot Waterproof Silicone Roll Up Bib with Comfort-Fit Fabric Neck)
    • This is the bib we used the majority of the time. It’s nice because it’s fabric on top so it’s not so stiff. I also fed my first baby in a diaper most of the time since he was so messy.
  • Full Body Bib (Bumkins Fleece-Front Sleeved Bib)
    • Someone recommended this to us since when babies first start eating they basically cover themselves in food. It honestly looks like a baggy trash bag—but it does the trick.
  • Honey Bear Cup (Talktools Honey Bear Drinking Cup with 2 Flexible Straws)
    • The straw cup recommended by baby group leaders and everyone else since it was developed by a speech pathologist. The cup comes with instructions and helps teach your baby how to use a straw (it’s so cool to watch them figure this out). You only start using this around 6 months to help them with digestion/prevent constipation when they start solids. Other than a learning tool this cup is not amazing. It’s literally a poorly made honey bear with aquarium tubing used as a straw. Make sure to empty the water out when they’re done drinking because the straw tubes don’t sit well in the water for a long period of time. 
  • Straw Cup with Handles (Munchkin Click Lock Weighted Straw Cup)
    • Once our baby mastered drinking form the Honey Bear straw we switched to this cup. It’s a well-made cup that has handles as well as a weight in the bottom so that no matter which way the cup gets turned, the weighted straw always stays in the liquid. Very smart. **This cup and pretty much every other baby cup leaks despite what they say on the packaging.**
  • Philips Avent My Bendy Straw Cup, 10oz, 2pk
    • These cups seem to leak less than any other straw cups. Perhaps it’s because the straw is curved?


  • Bassinet (Snoo Smart Sleeper) ***
    • We decided to purchase this once our first baby was 5 weeks old. He wasn’t the best sleeper so to be able to have a bassinet that rocked him back to sleep on his own was amazing to us. We bought it when they had a sale around Christmas but they just started a rental program so that you don’t have to buy it—if you’re interested look into it! This bassinet also comes with it’s own swaddles that help prevent babies from Houdining their way out (velcro and a zipper). You need a bassinet in the beginning—obviously it doesn’t have to be this specific one(unless you plan on putting your baby straight into their crib.
  • Bassinet (Baby Bjorn Cradle)
    • We don’t own this, but when we traveled to Australia someone let us borrow theirs. This bassinet was awesome. The sides are made of mesh and it’s built so that every time the baby moves, it uses its own suspension to gently lul the baby back to sleep. Since we were traveling and used to the Snoo, we attached the Snoozy Pod to it and had great results. 
  • Snoozy Pod
    • Someone gave this to us as a gift and it was awesome when we traveled.It basically converts any bassinet/crib/mattress into a vibrating bedtime soother. This machine vibrates, has white noise, and a projected starry night night light. If your baby needs motion and you travel a lot look into it—otherwise it’s not necessary.
  • Audio Monitor (VTech Audio Baby Monitor w/Talk-Back Intercom and 2 Parent Units) ***
    • We were told to get this in addition to a camera monitor because they don’t always stay online. This is as simple as machinery gets and it’s easy for when you put the baby down in one room/or in the bassinet and need to know what’s going on. Plus you have two parent units so you can keep them in different rooms and don’t have to carry it everywhere with you. We use this a lot.
  • Video Monitor (Cocoon Cam Baby Monitor) ***
    • I have no camera to compare this to, but it seems to be pretty cool. It analyzes the breathing signals of the baby when he’s lying in the crib so that you know that he’s okay. It has both a listening and a speak feature and it sends you a little clip every morning with a recap of your babies sleep. —This monitor has been discontinued so I’m looking for a new one to use for our new baby.
  • Crib Sheet (Burt’s Bees Baby Fitted Crib Sheet) ***
    • I love these crib sheets. They are so soft! Order a few of them because babies are messy.
  • Swaddle (Sleepea 5-Second Swaddle)
    • This is the swaddle we use (it comes with the Snoo) that we’ve had the best success with. (If you don’t have a Snoo this is the sleep sack that is used, except this one does not have the straps that attach to the Snoo). It has an inner band so that the baby can’t ‘Houdini’ it’s way out in addition to zips from both top and bottom which make for easy diaper changing. Basically it’s easy to use and has an second layer of swaddling. 
  • Swaddle (Love To Dream Swaddle)
    • I purchased this because everyone said the baby would want to be swaddled with their arms up. As luck would have it my baby hates it—we’ve used it once. Maybe yours will like it—everything is trial and error. 
  • Swaddle (Swaddle Me Original
    • So many people I know swear by these, we’ve never used them, but I’ve heard good things. 
  • Muslin Swaddles (Aden + Anais Muslin Swaddles) ***
    • I only registered for one package of these because people love to give them as gifts. I think we have about 14 muslin/bamboo swaddles which is more than we could ever use. They are great for wrapping the baby, especially the first 2 months. I also use them as burp cloths/a clean surface on top of a couch or carpet when I put the baby down at places other than my own house. 
  • Sleep Sack (Nested Bean Zen Sack Classic)
    • We only started using this only after our first baby transitioned out of the Snoo (apparently they have infant sized ones that also wrap the baby). This sleep sack is nice because it’s lightly weighted on the chest which is supposed to emulate the feeling of a hand. We found we had some luck with it. It’s also nice because it has two zippers that zip around (very convenient for middle of the night diaper changes). This sleep sack becomes a little problematic when the baby starts rolling because then they are basically lying on a bean bag. Once our baby started sleeping on his stomach we started putting the sleep sack on backwards so that the bean bag was on his back (and then eventually just stopped using this one).
  • Sleep Sack (Halo Sleepsack Organic Cotton Wearable Blanket)
    • This sleep sack is about as easy and basic to use as it gets. You can get them in summer or winter weights/fabrics. This sleep sack is nice because the zipper goes all the way to the bottom so it’s pretty easy to get the baby in (especially once they start squirming and trying to flip onto their stomachs as you’re putting them in). We transitioned to this one after the Nested Bean. Our first baby still sleeps in his at 19 months because our pediatrician told us it would help delay crib scaling.
  • Sleep Sack (Ely’s & Co 100% Cotton Wearable Blanket Baby Sleep Bag 2 Pack)
    • Don’t waste your time with this. I bought these because I figured I’d try something in addition to the Halo (they look very similar in their design and they’re just a little bit cheaper).  The material is amazing, they are so soft, HOWEVER the zipper is terrible.
  • Humidifier (TaoTronics) ***
    • A friend recommended this one to me. She went through two different humidifiers and really liked this one. Whatever you decide, look for one that has cool mist and anti-bacterial properties.
  • Crib Liner/Bumper (Breathable Mesh Crib Liner in White)
    • I’m terrified of the idea of bumpers because of SIDS. However, I’ve heard that once they start to stick their arms out of the crib some type of bumper is necessary. This one is mesh and thin so if for any reason a face gets pushed up against it, it is still breathable.
  • Snuggle Me
    • This is supposed to emulate the womb. It tucks in on both sides so that the baby is confined. My first baby barely used this however, my second baby does often. I leave this this on my bed when I want to have her next to me, however, I don’t let her sleep in this at night. The Snuggle Me is pretty small, I don’t know how long we’ll get away with using it for.
  • Dock A Tot
    • Someone gave us a Dock A Tot as a gift. My first baby rarely used this, but I kept it in my car so that we could lie him down flat when we went somewhere (so that he didn’t spend all his time in the car seat). My second baby is in it all the time. I leave it on the couch—it’s a great place to put her down and know that she is confined. The Dock A Tot feels larger than the Snuggle Me and I think it will last for a longer period of time.
  • Lovie (Angel Dear Blankie)
    • These are one of the items we couldn’t live without. We use these and a sound machine to create a sleep environment. We keep three of these in the crib, one in the car, one in the stroller, and one in the diaper bag. Lovies are good ‘transferable objects’ that you can keep with you when you are feeding your baby (so that they pick up your scent). (If you are breastfeeding it’s okay to put a little breast milk on them in the beginning so they smell like something your baby really loves.)  Then when you put your baby to sleep/in the car seat, you can leave the Lovie with them to help soothe them. As the baby gets older they will start to reach for this/suck on the face. We were told by the pediatrician that they can sleep with this because it is breathable (in the event they throw it over their face). My 19 month old still sleeps with these and shoves them in his mouth—he is obsessed.
  • Hangers (Real Simple 30 Pack of Children’s Hangers)
    • Child sized hangers for the closet.
  • Pack n Play (4Moms Breeze Plus
    • This is awesome as a sleep solution on the go or baby container. When we stay over at my mom’s house/or go away for a weekend trip we just bring this along with us. We were deciding between this and the Nuna Sena, but this one is so easy to assemble that we decided to go with it (it’s a one handed fold and unfold). 
  • Pack n Play Mattress Pad (NapYou Amazon Exclusive Pack n Play Mattres Size 28″ x 40″)
    • My first baby took 9 months to finally sleep through naps/through the night, so I did anything to make his sleeping conditions ideal. Thus, we purchased this mattress pad for the pack n play to make sleeping on the go more comfortable. For us it was a game changer. If your kid doesn’t need it, don’t buy it—however, if they need ideal circumstances like mine, it was worth it. (We also ordered these sheets: American Baby Company 2 Pack 100% Natural Cotton Value Jersey Knit Fitted Pack N Play Playard Sheet.)
  • Black Out Blind (AmazonBasics Baby Travel Blackout Blind with Suction Cups)
    • The ‘black out blinds’ we bought for our babies room weren’t dark enough, so I added this behind them and it made a huge difference! Having a dark room (especially around 4 months+) is so important for sleep. You just suction this to the window and it’s a game changer. I’ve heard of people bringing this on vacation with them to make their hotel/Airbnb room darker.

Changing Station 

***Everything in this section is worth getting for the beginning.

  • Aquaphor 
    • I use this all the time for dry skin from head to toe. It also works as a diaper cream so long as there isn’t any diaper rash. 
  • Diaper Cream with Zinc (Triple Paste
    • If you notice diaper rash you need something with zinc in it, because zinc heals the skin. The best treatment for diaper rash is air, the second best is Triple Paste or Desitin. Just a pea-sized dollop will do. 
  • Diaper Pail (Dekor Classic Hands Free)
    • Someone told me to order this becuase it was nice to have a “hands free” diaper pail that you can open with your foot. While this is a nice feature, this diaper pail is pretty small. It makes it so that I was throwing out the diapers everyday (which I don’t mind doing) but when my baby started eating solid foods it really wasn’t holding much. It also wasn’t the best at keeping the baby’s room from smelling like poop so we eventually switched to the Ubbi. (You can use your own trash bags with this.)
  • Ubbi
    • This trash is pretty easy to use and it does a good job of keeping the room from smelling like poop. However, when you do slide open the lid to put a diaper in it releases a smell (even if there is only one diaper in it). You can use your own trash bags here.
  • Changing Pad (Summer Infant Contoured Changing Pad)
    • This is a pretty basic changing pad. I purchased it because it seemed like the most standard sized pad for all of the covers. We ended up with two of these. One in our room and one in the baby’s room so that diaper changes are easier. We don’t have one, but lots of people seem to really like the Keekaroo Peanut Changer because it’s padded/soft, easy to wipe down, and apparently an okay place for babies to hang out.
  • Changing Pad Cover (Burt’s Bees Baby Cover in Terry)
    • Use this to cover the changing pad. I ordered two of them.
  • Changing Pad Liners (Munchkin Waterproof Changing Pad Liners, 3 Count)
    • I use these to put on top of the changing pad cover so that when we have a messy diaper I can just throw these in the wash rather than the changing pad cover every time. They come in a 3 pack, and I bought two so I don’t have to strip the changing pad cover and wash it every time. I’ve also heard of people keeping these in their diaper bag so they have a portable barrier between the baby and wherever they choose to change them. 
  • Wipes (Water Wipes)
    • These are good, especially in the early days because they contain nothing but water and a little bit of fruit extract. Some hospitals/doctors will tell you to only use hot water and gauze for the first two weeks and these tick that box (plus they’re easier). Our pediatrician told us to keep using these until we introduce solid foods since they have no chemicals and also won’t leave a filmy residue.
  • Wipe Warmer (Munchkin Glow Wipe Warmer)
    • I never believed in this but we got it as a gift and I do have to say it’s really nice, especially when they’re really little and HATE being naked/cold. It’s also nice during the colder months. This specific one isn’t the easiest to pull the wipes out of from the top, so I just open it from the loading area and take the wipes out that way. 
  • Nail Clippers (NailFrida the SnipperClipper)
    • I bought these originally because the clippers have a viewing window and they have a rounded edge on one side that mimics scissors. I found them pretty easy to use. Plus they have a curved nail file which you can use in the very beginning.
  • Nail Scissors (Pigeon)
    • Someone got these for us as a gift and I think they’re the best. I prefer them to the nail clippers because they catch the nail easier and make manicure time much quicker. 
  • Windi Whistle
    • This might be the strangest product ever recommended to us. Basically when babies have gas that they can’t get out, this is a good last resort. You have to insert it in their rectum and put pressure on their legs, but it honestly works.
  • NoseFrida Snotsucker 
    • Sounds super weird but it seems to work quite well when you hear/see congestion. It’s usually best to spray a little Saline solution up the nose first to loosen up any boogers before trying to suck them out. 
  • Vaseline 
    • You’ll need this for when you insert a rectal thermometer/Windi Whistle. 
  • Burp Cloths (Muslin Burp Cloths
    • I really liked these because they’re soft and thick. They absorb a lot of spit up. It’s worth getting a few packs of these so that you can keep several in several locations (baby’s room, your bedroom, living room, stroller, car, diaper bag, etc.)
  • On-the-Go Safety Kit (25-Piece Baby Healthcare and Grooming Kit)
    • Someone told us to buy this. I’ve yet to use anything in it, but it has all the grooming and basic healthcare essentials you would need on the go. It might be good to keep this in the diaper bag if you’re on the go a lot.
  • Thermometer (Braun Thermoscan 7 Ear Thermometer)
    • A friend recommended this thermometer to me and it’s great. It’s fool proof and it feels much easier than using a rectal thermometer.


  • Bathtub (Boon Soak Newborn to Toddler Bath Tub) ***
    • A few people told me to get this one so this is what I ended up with it and I like (I haven’t used any of the other tubs so I have no real basis for comparison). For the first 1.5 months I used a bath insert because both of my babies are pretty tiny, but afterwards I just used this. As babies get bigger you can switch the tub around to accommodate them for quite a while.
  • Bath Insert (Summer Infant Comfy Bath Sponge)
    • The baby tub I have doesn’t have a sling in it, so I purchased this bath sponge to put on top. I also realized I could use this in a big bathtub with just a little bit of water. 
  • Cuddle Warmer (Skip Hop Moby Warm-Up Cuddler, Baby Bath Towel)
    • At first I thought this was overrated, but now I just appreciate it for what it is. A large shammy cloth that keeps the baby’s body warm while in the bath. I’m not sure if I’m sold on the whole gimmick of the whale knowing the right temperature (changing colors), but having said that it keeps baby happy so I like it. 
  • Washcloth (Burt’s Bees Baby Washcloths 6-Pack) ***
    • I purchased two sets of these. They’re small and soft but you could probably go with any brand. 
  • Rinser Bath Cup (Skip Hop Moby)
    • Easier than using your hand to keep the baby warm in the tub. I suppose a plastic cup with a handle would get the job done just as well. My 19 month old likes playing with it in the tub—so I guess it doubles as a utility and a toy.
  • Comb/Brush (Green Sprouts Wooden Brush and Comb Set)
    • I love this brush, it’s so soft (I never use the comb). My first baby had no hair for the first year so it wasn’t used much until he got older but he loves it now.
  • Soap/Shampoo (Aveeno Baby Wash & Shampoo) ***
    • We ended up with this after using soap from the hospital, Honest, and Earth Mama Angel Baby. All the soaps we first tried severely dried his skin out. Our pediatrician eventually recommended using Aveeno so that’s how we ended up with it. It’s the only one that doesn’t turn our boy into a lizard. We use it on our second baby too.
  • Lotion (Aveeno Baby Soothing Relief Moisturizing Cream) ***
    • We use this after the bath to help prevent dry skin. I use it in addition to Aquaphor which I put on any rashier areas like the chest.  
  • Hooded Towel (Hooded Baby Towel Set) ***
    • We registered for a few baby towels but then realized we didn’t need to because we received so many as gifts. I’m not married to any specific kind. I actually found that as soon as my son got taller, the hooded baby towels didn’t cover enough of his skin so we started using a bigger towel.
  • Cradle Cap Scrubbies (Silicone Exfoliating Cradle Cap Brushes) ***
    • I love these little silicone scrubbies for washing the baby’s head in the bath. The first few months of life, cradle cap is a real thing and gently exfoliating it with this definitely helped. [I like these better than the DermaFrida The SkinSoother because they are much tinier and easier to use on tiny people.] They’re also great for applying lotion to dry patches later on.  I still sometimes use the little scrubby brush (like this one) from the hospital—I find it scrubs the stubborn skin more than the silicone ones.


  • Nuna Pipa  ***
    • This car seat was recommended to me because it is lighter than many of the others (not to be confused with the Nuna Pipa Lite). It’s great because it hooks into a base but also has the capability to be strapped into a car/airplane without the base (we needed this feature for travel). This car seat also has a built in magnetic shade so that you can cover the babies face from the sun. Reminder—you can remove the infant insert once baby reaches 11 pounds. We kept our first baby in this seat until he was 17 months (because he hadn’t yet reached 32″ or 32 pounds).
  • Nuna Rava
    • This is a convertible car seat that works for a tiny infant up to a child 65 pounds. It allows for a child to rear face up to 50 pounds and after that you can just flip it around to face forward. If we didn’t need our baby car seat to be portable I would have just used this one (the Rava weighs 35 pounds and does not attach to any strollers). Our 19 month old now uses this stroller and our baby uses the Nuna Pipa.
  • Car Seat Canopy (Aden + Anai Car Seat Canopy)
    • I didn’t realize the Nuna Pipa had a built in shade so I used this on top of the car seat to hide the baby from people/germs when we went out in the beginning. It’s nice because you can peek in on the sides to look at them while they’re sleeping, but if you’re in an area that it’s super windy it doesn’t stay on super well. I haven’t used it but you should check out the Milk Snob Multi-Use Car Seat Cover (I’ve heard good things). 
  • Seat Saver (2-Stage Seatsaver)
    • I was told this would save my car from indents from the car seat as well as crushed Cheerios and spilled milk—so I bought it. So far it’s lived up to its purpose.
  • Mirror (Britax Back Seat Mirror) ***
    • Necessary for being able to see your baby from the back seat. I look through my rearview mirror constantly to make sure the baby is breathing because I’m neurotic. Also as my first baby got older he really enjoyed looking at himself in it.
  • Sun Shades (Brica Sun Safety Shades in Black) ***
    • Even when the car seat hood is all the way up the sun still gets in the baby’s eyes which is never fun. These are not big enough to cover the whole window so you just have to make sure to position it right. It’s seems to stay suctioned to the window since I’ve put it up.
  • Baby Susher ***
    • This one was really helpful during the first few months with my first baby. I try to keep this in the car for freak outs. Sometimes I keep it in the diaper bag so I can also use it in the stroller. It’s literally a machine that makes an amplified shushing noise continuously for 15 minutes. It’s kind of creepy and it sounds gimmicky but it honestly works.
  • Seat Belt Cushion (DorDor & GorGor ORGANIC Baby Seat Belt Cushion)
    • Love these so much! We got these when our first baby was about 6 months and it made such a difference for us when we would tighten the the car seat straps. These are so much longer and softer than the little ones that come standard on a carseat. 


  • UppaBaby Vista ***
    • This is like a Cadillac when it comes to strollers—it’s substantial, sturdy, and drives well. The difference between the Vista and the Cruz is that the Vista has much bigger wheels, a much bigger storage basket, and has room for a second baby/toddler. The stroller comes with both a bassinet and a toddler seat. In the beginning we know lots of people who use the bassinet as a bed for their baby. Part of our reason for choosing this stroller over any other, was that it could easily go over sand that builds up on the street/sidewalk since we live by the beach. Now that we have our second baby I put the bassinet on the bottom and the toddler seat on the top—the only thing I don’t love is that you can’t see both kids at once.
  • UppaBaby Car Seat Adaptor (Maxi-Cosi Infant Car Seats)
    • This adaptor works for the UppaBaby Stroller and the Nuna Pipa car seat. Super easy to slide on and off. I store them in the car. 
  • UPPAbaby VISTA Lower Adapter
    • I only purchased this adaptor once I had my second baby. It’s for the lower portion of the stroller and is only necessary for attaching the bassinet or the Rumble Seat to the Vista.
  • UppaBaby Infant Snuggle Seat
    • If your baby doesn’t love the bassinet that comes with the stroller, you can switch them to the toddler seat and put this infant insert inside. This supports their neck and back since the seat is a little big for a baby. It’s also better for the baby to sit in the toddler seat than in a car seat if you’re going on longer walks because it allows for them to use their peripheral vision whereas in the carseat they basically have blinders on the side because of SIP. For us this was a game changer since our first baby never really loved lying flat. 
  • Stroller Organizer (Skip Hop Stroller Organizer)
    • This one was recommended to me because it doesn’t flip over and throw your stuff out out like the Uppababy one. I think it’s pretty good for storing hand sanitizer, keys, glasses, etc. But as far as a drink holder goes, it’s not fantastic. You might want to invest in a cup holder that attaches onto your stoller. 
  • Tray (UppaBaby Snack Tray)
    • We started using this at about 12 months old. Our first born loves it. He plays with his Cheerios in it and also pours out the entirety of his water cup in it (delightful to clean up after).
  • Stroller Hook (OXO Tot Handy Stroller Hook – 2) ***
    • You can never have enough places to put stuff on a stroller. No matter how big the basket is on the bottom, it’s nice to have a hook so that you can hang your purse/diaper bag/shopping bag, etc. 


  • Play Gym (LovEvery The Play Gym)
    • I really love this play gym/play mat for multiple reasons. I like that it’s not crazy colorful everywhere. I also love that it has different sections that become relevant to the baby as they age. This play gym comes with a little booklet that explains what your baby is going through month by month/how they are interacting with you and their environment, and how to stimulate them with the playmat. Call me a sucker (I’m sure all playmats basically do the same thing), but I feel like this one just makes sense. The only con is it’s expensive. 
  • Baby Subscription (LovEvery The Play Kits)
    • I really didn’t want to have a lot of toys around the house, so I figured this overpriced subscription box would be the answer to that issue. I signed up during their Cyber Monday sale—if you’re able to do that, you should. Here’s how this works: you get a box every two months, along with a little booklet that explains how to introduce and enjoy each toy in the kit with your baby. I like that I can use parts of this with the LovEvery Play Gym also. You can sign up for one box at a time rather than all of them upfront. 
  • Play Mat (Gathre Mini)
    • I really love this leather play mat. It folds up small and is really portable. I often keep it in the car with me when I go places because it’s an excellent clean surface to put out anywhere. I brought it with us to Australia so I could lay it out in the Airbnb and not have to worry about germs especially during tummy time when his face is often on the ground. It’s also easy to wipe down when they spit up on it.  
  • Bouncer with Toy Arch (Gymini® Bouncer Under the Sea) ***
    • Since the Rock n’ Play got recalled I think this thing would be similar. My in laws had it in South Africa and our baby loved sitting in there with the toy arch above. It’s an easy place to put the baby down and strap them in when you need a minute. Obviously just make sure to keep an eye on them.
  • Bouncer (Baby Bjorn Bouncer Balance Soft)
    • We started using this around 3 months with our first. It is awesome! Even though the baby doesn’t realize he can bounce himself yet, he still loves sitting upright in it. Plus you can bring it into any room with you (it’s super light) and put the baby in it/not have to hold them/constantly entertain them. 
  • Bouncer Toy Bar (Baby Bjorn Wooden Toy Bar)
    • This attaches right onto the bouncer and buys me 10-20 minutes of time to get stuff done while the baby plays with this (starting at about 5 months).  
  • Toy Arch (Musical Arch – Owl. Stroller, Pram and Car Seat Activity Bar)
    • I started using this about 2.5 months and attached it to the Rock n Play. It also works on the bassinet and stroller. It’s definitely another “thing” but it provides some stimulation and the owl in the middle makes music noises. 
  • Activity Center (Skip Hop Explore and More Baby’s View 3-Stage Activity Center)
    • We got this at about 6 months. This particular activity center is not a jumper. It has a flat balancing board to stand on, which makes it better for development. In baby group we were told that jumpers are not fantastic for babies hips and muscle building. This is an easy place to contain a baby when you need to do something quickly. Plus it will buy you about 20 minutes of hands free baby time! It also converts into an activity table, and a regular sized toddler table later on. 
  • Stroller Bar Toy (Playgro Woodlands Twirly Whirly Sensory Toy)
    • I have one very similar to this and I just added it to my stroller bar. My baby loves this. He grabs the rings and tries to put the little stuffed animals in his mouth. 
  • Musical Piano (Sounds ‘N Tunes Crib Piano)
    • We got this as a gift and I couldn’t see myself putting it in the crib. Now that my baby is four months I just opened it up and put it on his play mat in the living room. I’ve tried it under his feet while he is lying down, but he seems to enjoy it most when he’s standing on it. He’s fascinated by the sounds and the corresponding musical notes that light up in different colors.
  • SmartNoggin Rattle
    • A developmental rattle for all stages from 0+. It has light up color, different textures, different colors, and a mirror on the bottom. Everyone recommended this—don’t know that I needed it.
  • Mobile (Tiny Love Take Along Mobile) ***
    • My first baby does not like being in the car, or in the stroller, or basically anywhere that is not in someone’s arms. So when he does go in the stroller or the car I attach this mobile to the top and it helps so much. It plays music and spins (battery operated) and it seems to hold his attention. I recommended this to everyone in my baby group and everyone seems to love it. Additionally, when you’re not using it for the car or stroller, you can attach it to the ‘arm’ that comes with it and put it on the changing table. Another place you will benefit from having them distracted! I can’t recommend this thing enough! (Started using it around 2.5 months)
  • Reversible Infant-Stim Crib Bumper Panel & Book in One
    • From the beginning babies can only really see black and white. It’s nice to put this on the side of their changing table so they have somewhere to look. You can also put it in the stroller or on the ground when you lie them down for tummy time. You don’t need this specific one but I’d definitely recommend putting something fun on the changing table for them to look at.
  • Sassy Floor Mirror ***
    • I don’t have this but someone recommended it to me. I’m pretty sure any baby mirror will do.
  • Mr. Mustard’s Baby Faces ***
    • People swear by this book for tummy time. It apparently motivates babies to keep their heads held higher because they’re obsessed with looking at the baby faces. 
  • Bright Star Lots of Links
    • I learned about these in baby group. Apparently they are great for teething and attaching things to (e.g. attaching another mobile/toy on your play mat toy arch, attaching a toy to the stroller bar, etc.)
  • Manhattan Toy Skwish Classic Rattle and Teether Grasping Activity Toy
    • I learned about this in baby group—it’s a classic wooden clutching motor skill and baby toy for ages 0 months and up.
  • O’ball Rollin’ Rainstick Rattle
    • Good for stimulating your baby starting at about 3 months. Good for motor skill development, easy to hold onto, fun to watch.
  • The First Years Stack Up Cups
    • This is the most simple toys, yet it brings so much joy and entertainment. I don’t know what it is about knocking towers down or figuring out how to stack cups inside themselves but I’m telling you this one is a hit! 
  • Indestructibles Books
    • These books are amazing because they are waterproof, don’t tear, and don’t break which basically means they are perfect for a baby. Our baby loves these and they truly are as amazing as advertised. 
  • Fat Brain Toys Dimpl
    • This toy is so much fun (for everyone). Once my baby figured out how to play with it he never stopped. Highly recommend this toy but not until about 12 months.


  • Car Seat Travel Bag (J.L. Childress Gate Check Travel Bag for Car Seats)
    • Great for flying (especially internationally) because it keeps the car seat clean. When we went to Australia we folded this under the stroller and put the car seat into this when we checked it at the gate. BONUS feature: if you have something super heavy (like a pair of shoes) or if you have a bunch of diapers you can put it/them in the bag along with the car seat and check it at the gate because the car seat is technically a free piece of luggage (as is the stroller).
  • Travel Bottle Brush (OXO Tot On-The-Go Drying Rack with Bottle Brush)
    • When we travel or go to someone’s house for multiple hours (6 hours+) it’s nice to have this on us. I’m also super weird about the bottles smelling bad from not being cleaned fast enough—this isn’t necessary for everyone unless you’re planning to be washing bottles on the go.
  • BabyZen YoYo Frame
    • Everyone recommended this to us as a travel stroller because it folds up super small and can be brought directly onto any plane as opposed to having to check it at the gate. We used it when we were in Australia along with our car seat. It was fabulous for many reasons, most especially that it folds together extremely compactly for various uses. It’s great for restaurants and bars because it’s nimble and about the size of a chair—you can actually lower the handlebars down and push the stroller right up against the table so that it’s not taking up a lot of room. The only negatives are that this stroller is not meant for serious walking (as the wheels are not so big and it’s much flimsier than our everyday stroller) and that the storage basket underneath it is really tiny. You have to get kind of creative with storage. The OXO Tot Handy Stroller Hooks come in handy for this stroller.  If you are going to be doing a good amount of travel I’d definitely advise looking into this. 
  • BabyZen YoYo 6+
    • You kind of need this if you are buying the Yoyo. When our baby was 5 months old we started using this with the UppaBaby Infant Snuggle Seat.
  • BabyZen YoYo Car Seat Adaptors
    • We have a Nuna Pipa car seat so we ordered these adaptors for our travel stroller. Best part about them is that you don’t have to detach them from the car seat when you put it in the car. 
  • SlumberPod Privacy Pod
    • This is amazing! If you plan on going anywhere (especially somewhere you’re going to be sharing a room with your baby) I highly recommend this! It is a breathable, blackout tent that you put over a pack n play. We only learned about it just before we went to Australia the second time, when our son was 17 months old. It was so helpful because we were able to keep the lights on in the room until we went to sleep and he had no idea. Plus he slept in every morning!
  • Travel Car Seat (Cosco Scenera Next Convertible Car Seat)
    • We have yet to use this because on our last trip to Australia our son still fit in the Nuna Pipa, however, everyone has told us that this is the travel car seat to get for a toddler. It’s extremely light and buckles into any plane seat or car seat. When you’re going through the airport you just use this Car Seat Travel Belt to attach it to your luggage for easy transport. I’ve also been told you can use the car seat belt to jerry rig the car seat onto the Yoyo Stroller (I’m sure the company would advise against this).
  • Disposable Changing Pads (Northshore Small Changing Pads)
    • These are amazing for planes and public bathrooms. You honestly never know if and how often public changing tables are being cleaned and what other people are leaving behind on them. So these are not only nice to put down as a barrier between your baby and the table, but also between the table and your own portable changing mat.
  • Pacifier Wipes (The First Years Gumdrop Pacifier Wipes)
    • In the very beginning especially you might want to carry these with you for those times that the pacifier falls out of your baby’s mouth. Even when you attach pacifiers to a clip, the clip can dangle too long and the pacifier can touch a gross surface (street, airplane tray table, park bench, etc.). 
  • Hanging Travel Toiletry Bag (WODISON Foldable Clear Hanging Travel Toiletry Bag)
    • I learned about this in one of my baby groups. It’s such a smart idea. As an infant you can fill it with burp cloths, pacifiers, pacifier wipes, hand sanitizer, surface wipes etc., and as the baby gets older/their interests change you can add in other stuff like books, teething toys, etc. I find this especially useful for travel (on the plane) because you can see everything through the clear pockets. 

Medicine (I’m not a doctor so please check with your pediatrician before using anything)

  • Benadryl ***
    • This is the one thing in the box that you may never need to use, but it is good to have. If you think your baby is having an allergic reaction call your doctor and you will be instructed to give Benadryl. Don’t try Benadryl cream—it doesn’t work.
  • Infant Tylenol ***
    • If your baby has a fever call the doctor. Tylenol is the only safe fever reducer until a baby is 6 months old.  It’s also supposed to be helpful for teething paine. 
  • Vitamin D Drops (Upspring Vitamin D Drops 400 iu D3 Drops) ***
    • You won’t need these until after their first doctors check up, so you can wait on buying these but just thought they were worth adding to the list.
  • Gas Drops with Simethicone (Little Remedies Gas Relief Drops)  ***
    • These along with gripe water help provide some relief for when there’s a lot of gas. Especially at night before they go to bed. Whatever brand of gas drops you buy make sure they have simethicone in them.
  • Gripe Water (Little Remedies Gripe Water) ***
    • This is an herbal supplement used to help aid digestion when babies are suffering from gas and discomfort. We used it in tandem with gas drops on nights when we were having a particularly tough time.
  • Probiotics (Gerber Soothe Baby Probiotic Colic Drops) ***
    • I just started using these around 3 months but wish I had known about them sooner. So many people swear by them as the answer to anti-colic. We use them in the last night feed to soothe his tummy. *Make sure to check with your pediatrician ahead of time.
  •  Saline Spray (Little Remedies Saline Spray) ***
    • I’ve found that giving saline is one of the most horrific looking things I can do, but it works wonders. Babies don’t know how to breathe out of their mouths until they are about 2. So if there is bad congestion squeeze some of this in each nostril. Our baby usually screams and sneezes and coughs but eventually things sound much better. There is no actual medicine in this, just salt water. *** A friend of mine just suggested using the Nose Frida Saline Spray since it has a better mister than the Little Remedies one. 
  • Teething Drops (Boiron Camilia, 30 Doses, Homeopathic Medicine for Teething Relief)
    • Our pediatrician recommended this for teething. Apparently it works well for some babies and doesn’t do much for others. We clearly didn’t know when our baby was teething and gave it to him way before his first tooth came in and not when we actually needed it—so the jury is still out on this one. (Turns out it doesn’t do much for our first baby)
  • Teething Drops (Wellements Organic Baby Tooth Oil)
    • Another teething oil recommended to us by a lot of people. I still use this on our 19 month old. You just rub a little bit onto their gums and it seems to give some relief (and at nighttime I double up with Tylenol).

Other Products

  • Mineral Sunscreen (Blue Lizard Australian Sunscreen – Baby Sunscreen SPF 30+)
    • You can’t use baby sunscreen until babies are 6 months old. When you are eventually able to use it, it has to be mineral sunscreen. This was one of the one’s my pediatrician recommended. ***Whatever sunscreen you buy make sure to check the ingredients!
  • Lumiere Baby Shopping Cart Cover
    • A barrier between your baby and whatever gross cart you plan to put them in. Not everyone needs this but it gave me some piece of mind when it came to bringing my baby to the market with me.


  • Vanilla Scent Soothies ***
    • Apparently these are the pacifiers they use in the NICU at hospitals. When the first pacifier we tried didn’t work, we ordered these and we had better success. It just so happened that our first baby wasn’t in love with pacifiers however our second one loves them.
  • Wubbanub
    • This is a Soothie pacifier with a tiny stuffed animal attached to it. I love using it because when you put the baby down in the bassinet you can put the pacifier in their mouth and angle the stuffed animal against the side of the bassinet so that when the pacifier inevitably comes out of their mouth they can get it back in without your assistance. As they get older the stuffed animal is also helpful because you can put it on their chest and it doesn’t fall down next to them. Eventually they can grab onto it, which helps them with self soothing/finding the pacifier. 
  • Bibs
    • We heard lots of great things about these, but they didn’t work well for us. I think they’re cuter than any other pacifier.
  • Pacifier Clip (Silicone and Wood Pacifier Clip)
    • I purchased two of these. I keep one attached to the car seat and the other I keep in the diaper bag in the event I need to attach a pacifier to the baby’s clothing. My first baby doesn’t love pacifiers so he spits them out often, which is why this thing comes in such handy.  Obviously, there are million varieties of these, so get whatever makes most sense for you.
  • Sophie the Giraffe
    • We got this as a gift probably because it’s the world’s most popular teething toy. I don’t know that I would have registered for it, but something like this is nice because babies don’t have great hand/eye coordination and they often smash themselves in the face with whatever they’re holding. Sophie is way better to smash yourself in the face with than a plastic rattle. There’s also this version—I’m not sure which one is better.
  • Baby Banana Infant Training Teether and Toothbrush
    • I just ordered this because our baby is starting to teethe. Apparently babies love the feeling of the silicone bristles on their gums. It’s also a good way to expose them early to dental hygiene.  
  • Mesh Feeder (Munchkin Baby Fresh Food Feeder)
    • Someone gave this to us to prepare us for food, however, it’s also useful for when your baby is teething. You can freeze breast milk and put it in here, or chunks of frozen fruits.
  • Ice Tray (PopBabies Silicone Ice Molds)
    • I filled this mini ice tray with breast milk. Then I put the frozen cubes into the mesh feeder so that my baby could suck on something when his teeth were hurting. 
  • Popsicles (Nuby Garden Fresh Fruitsicle Frozen Pop Tray)
    • Another great way to help teething babies. You can make breast milk pops with these or puree fruits and veggies and create a refined sugar free popsicle.


  • Infant Socks (Gerber)
    • There’s nothing special about these but we needed some tiny socks for foot warmth when some of the outfits didn’t have feet.  
  • Long Sleeve Onesies (Moon and Back Side-Snap Bodysuits)
    • I love these because you don’t have to put anything over their heads. (This is wonderful for when they start having blowouts and you don’t want to pull a soiled piece of clothing over them.) Also they are so soft and a little bit thicker than a over-the-head onesie because there are two pieces that go over their chest and stomach. 
  • Bibs (Bandana Drool Bibs for Drooling and Teething)
    • We started using these around 3 months as the drooling became more of a thing. I like them because no matter how wet the bib gets, the back of it is thick enough to keep his shirt from also getting wet. 


  • Solly Baby Wrap
    • I loved this in the very beginning when the baby was light. It was nice to wear him so close to my body. As he got bigger I found that I had issues with it sagging. I liked it but was not married to this wrap. 
  • Baby Bjorn Mini
    • I love this carrier and keep it in my car. It’s super light and easy to put on, however, it doesn’t have an insane amount of support. So if you plan on doing real walking/hiking or a serious duration of baby wearing this might not be the right carrier for you. However, if you just want to pop one on for a short amount of time, this one is fantastic. I keep it in the stroller so that when my baby freaks out I can just quickly put this on and keep going about my day.
  • Baby Carrier (ErgoBaby Omni 360 Baby Carrier) ***
    • Since it never occurred to me that my baby would get so heavy so quickly, I didn’t think I would need such a cumbersome carrier. However, after trying to walk for an hour with the Baby Bjorn Mini, I realized I needed a better solution for my aching back. I went into the Pump Station and tried on the Ergo, the Baby Bjorn One, and Becco (recently recalled). The Ergo just seemed like the sturdiest, most supportive, and easiest option. In comparison to every other carrier I’ve tried on, this one really took the pressure off my shoulders and distributed the weight evenly on my hips. Make sure to test a few out, it’s like trying to buy a good bra. 


  • Detergent (Dreft Stage 1) ***
    • I know this isn’t the ‘cleanest’ detergent out there, but we got this prior to the baby being born so we just started using it. It hasn’t bothered his skin in any way and it does a good job of actually cleaning poop/vomit stains off of his clothing so we’re still using it. 
  • Stain Remover (Dreft) ***
    • Post blowouts we immediately remove his clothes and spray them with this/soak them in water until we can attend to them. If you don’t attend to stains they will stain the clothes. I’m sure there are many other brands out there, but we’ve been using this because someone recommended it to us. 

Diaper Bag

  • Diaper Bag (Baggu Cloud Bag) ***
    • I decided I didn’t want a traditional diaper bag so I ended up just getting a large tote bag that I could compartmentalize myself. There’s nothing special about this bag, I just like it. It’s also machine washable. I use pouches to organize most of the stuff. Floating in the bag are burp clothes and an extra swaddle.
  • Baggu Nylon Pouch Set
    • I use these to organize my diaper bag. Big—several changes of clothes, beanies, socks. Medium—Lovie, toys, misc. Small—Pacifiers and teething beads. 
  • SnoofyBee Portable Changing Pad
    • This portable changing pad is a 3-in-1 Diaper Clutch, Changing Station, and Diaper-Time Playmat. Mostly it’s great for keeping your babies hands out of their diaper when you’re changing it (if you’ve ever experienced this you’ll understand why this changing pad is so helpful).
  • Poop Bags
    • You never knew you needed these until you’ve just changed a diaper and have no idea where to put it. Keep a roll or two of these in your diaper bag. You can also use them for when your baby has a blow out all over their clothes (just make sure to label the bag as clothing so you don’t throw it out with the poopy diapers).
  • Pacifier Wipes (The First Years Gumdrop Pacifier Wipes)
    • In the very beginning especially you might want to carry these with you for those times that the pacifier falls out of your baby’s mouth. Even when you attach pacifiers to a clip, the clip can dangle too long and the pacifier can touch a gross surface (street, airplane tray table, park bench, etc.). 
  • Portable Sound Machine (Rohm Portable White Noise Sound Machine) ***
    • This is an absolute must have. We take it on the go with us no matter where we go and use it to cue our baby to go to sleep. Apparently white noise is not addictive and is super helpful to create some consistency and expectation for sleeping no matter where you are (if you’re lucky).  We still use it for our 19 month old.


  • Huggies Little Snugglers Plus ***
    • We have tried Pampers, Pampers Pure, Honest, Parasol, and WF 365 Organic Diapers and have honestly found that Huggies Plus are the best. My whole baby group switched to these after someone read that the formula for Pampers diapers changed. I like the Huggies Plus because they are unscented, absorb a lot, prevent blowouts more than any other diaper I’ve tried, and can be found at Costco.

Guide to Cape Town

Cape Town is BEAUTIFUL! Obviously you’ll go to Table Mountain. You can either take the cable car up (check everyday to make sure that it’s not too windy because when it is, they close it), or hike. When we were just there a few of our friends got up early and hiked to the top—but it’s definitely a commitment. If you don’t climb that, but do want a fun hike, get up early and climb Lion’s Head it’s a tall and narrow hike with unreal views. There’s also paragliding, sky diving, shark diving, etc if you want to sign up for that kind of stuff. 

The beach is really nice, but can be ridiculously windy, so if it gets to be too much, go up to Bungalow, a trendy beach bar/lounge that’s great for lunch and drinks all day (you could technically go at night time also).  It has beautiful views of the beach and the sunset. If you want a beach bar with a vibe, go to Cafe Caprice. It’s nothing too special, but there’s a strong crowd there in December (not sure about the other months). There is a cool and emerging area “In Town” with a lot of bars on the street. When we were last there we went to Orphanage; they serve amazing drinks, but it can get quite packed, so only go if you’re in that kind of a mood. 

Restaurant wise, I would highly recommend Tasha’s at the Waterfront. It is one of my favorite restaurants anywhere—all the food is delicious and very fresh. Their breakfast and salads are particularly amazing. You should also order a Freezochino (it’s a blended coffee drink—similar to an ice blended at Coffee Bean, but SO much better). Another great restaurant is Mezzepoli, it’s Mediterranean tapas style. The One and Only Hotel has a Nobu inside, which I haven’t been to, but apparently it’s cheaper than American Nobu because of the exchange rate. There is also a sushi restaurant called Koi in Cape Town but I’m not sure if it just closed. If you want to try Daniel’s favorite restaurant, it’s called Nandos, it’s a food fast Portuguese restaurant know for their Peri Peri Chicken. If you want a quick bite you should try it. They have salads, wraps, and lots of different chicken dishes. 

While in Cape Town you should take a day trip to Boulder’s Beach—where there are penguins everywhere. Along the way stop and go to Houte Bay if you like fish and chips. There are little tiny food shacks, nothing fancy—but the South African’s are obsessed with it. On the way back to Cape Town stop by Simon’s Town if you’re in the mood for tea and rusks. It’s an old school Dutch town that’s really cute, but you don’t need to spend much time there. 

As far as Vineyards go you should definitely spend the majority of your day out in the Stellenbosch/Franschhoek/Paarl area. You have to go to Babylonstoren (website)! It’s my favorite winery of all time. It has incredible grounds to wander around as well as two amazing restaurants. You could honestly spend a few hours here if you’re down to just chill and have some good food and wine. If you want a more formal dinning experience go to Babel (but make a reservation now). Otherwise they have a beautiful outdoor garden Greenhousewith fresh everything (you don’t have to make a reservation there).  Another winery we really like is Spice Route.  It’s really relaxed with cute little shops at the vineyard as well.

You can’t go wrong—Cape Town is beautiful!

Other fun tid-bits:

Ordering in South Africa, especially Cape Town, requires patience. No one is ever in a rush and seems like they’d rather be on vacation. You will often times have to chase them down to order, and once you do they avoid you like the plague, so just expect it. 

Everyone customizes everything when they order, so don’t feel bad doing it there. 

If you want hot sauce, ask for chilies (it’s not hot sauce, but it’s delicious).

Everyone is obsessed with Biltong. It’s like beef jerky, but everyone claims it’s so much better. —I don’t eat meat so I can’t attest to it, but if you do, you should try it. 

The word for traffic light is Robot (sounds silly to say, but people will reference it when they give you directions). 

The word for BBQ or grilled food is a braii

There is no such reference to I’ll see you in a sec or in a few minutes. Everyone says “I’ll see you now” (which means soon—but no immediacy is made clear), or “I’ll see you just now” (which means at some point in the day). The closet you will get to asap is “I’ll see you now, now”. (I’m telling this, because I have gotten stuck waiting forever for people when they’ve said this). Now is a vague reference. 

If you are renting a car, there are these men called car guards who are almost never around when you are parking. But magically appear when you get back in the car to leave. They don’t know how to drive, and can’t really help guide you out of your spot, but it’s customary to give them a couple coins. 

They have Uber there. 

Be careful with nice things. Unfortunately, you have to be on a little bit of alert when you are there. I never wear any nice jewelry or cary anything expensive besides my phone

Best Bondi Restaurants

For those of you who know us, we love Bondi. On our most recent trip to Sydney, we barely left Bondi and ended up eating at a lot of restaurants. This is a quick list of our favorite restaurants in Bondi.

Here is a shared Google Map with all the places.

Here is my Instagram story for some visuals.

The List

North Bondi Fish – Beautiful bar/restaurant with a great vibe, on the water in Bondi. They have amazing cocktails and the BEST frosé of any place I’ve ever been.

Porch and Parlor—If you only have one breakfast/brunch in Bondi this is the place to go. Order the pea pancakes and a coffee.

Tottis — The newest most “in” Italian restaurant in Bondi. It’s so beautiful and the food is good (but also not the best Italian food I’ve ever had if I’m being honest). 

The Shop—This is the tiniest restaurant with a few sidewalk tables. There’s no real vibe, but they have great fresh salads and sandwiches. I’m obsessed with the miso chop. 

Bills—It’s an institution. They are known for their incredible pancakes but everything there is good. I love their coffee. 

Icebergs—Obligatory for a photo. Worth it for a drink and the view. It’s not necessary to go there for a meal. The food is fancy and not nearly as delicious as many of the other places nearby.

Sefa Kitchen—A cute and delicious mediterranean spot wit

Bucket List—I love this vibey beach bar a few steps off the sand. It’s more of beer and wine spot. (When it comes to actual drinks I still prefer North Bondi Fish because they have way better cocktails) 

Bondi’s Best—They’re known for their amazing fresh fish that they cook whichever way you want. You order your sides al la cart. Get the eggplant—it’s insane.

La Piadina—This is a super neighborhoody spot (aka no vibe and just a few sidewalk tables). They have the BEST smashed avo I’ve ever had!

A Tavola Bondi—If you’re up for a good Italian restaurant—this could be the place.

*Coogee Pavilion—This place pumps. It’s a food/drink count with an awesome bar upstairs. Go on a Sunday afternoon if you want to party.

*Gould Street—A cute tiny street in Bondi with the best shopping. My favorite acai bowl is from a hole in the wall on this street.

Cuba 3 Day Travel Guide


For those you looking to take a trip to Cuba, here is some information from my trip there with my husband. If you’re not already aware Cuba is quite small, with many adventures to take part in.  This guide will tell you how to explore Cuba (mostly Havana) in three days, with room for a beach day as well. Please feel free to ask any questions in if you have any!

Colorful Buildings Havana Cuba
Colorful buildings along the Málecon in Old Havana

The Spontaneous Backstory

After dinner, on the later side of Friday night, Bryant told us he was going to Cuba at 8AM the following morning. He told us that we should come. We woke up Saturday morning with a text from him saying “you can buy your visa for Cuba at the airport—you have to come, no excuses”.

At 5PM on Saturday Daniel and I booked a direct flight from LAX to Havana on Alaska Airlines (for the record you can’t book with miles, I don’t completely understand why). Shortly after that we booked an Airbnb.


Day 1: Night Out in Havana

We woke up at 5am and got to the airport at 5:45. Normally we wouldn’t have shown up this early for an 8:50 AM flight, but we were told we needed to be at the airport three hours before our flight to sort out our visas. After checking in at Alaska we walked up to the visa counter paid $100 USD each and were each given a visa slip to fill out. We were also given instructions and told if we didn’t fill them out perfectly, we would have to purchase new ones. This process took all but five minutes

We sat in the airport forever and waited to board our flight. After boarding we had to wait for a number of reasons and only ended up taking off at 10:30 AM. The flight is just about 4.5 hours and luckily the plane was virtually empty.

Landed at 6PM to humid weather. Went though customs and then security inside the airport. Daniels first impression was that it was TSA but with hotter employees. I went to the bathroom and it was as though Michigan appeared in Cuba (see below).

Havana Airport Bathroom
The airport bathroom in Havana (aka University of Michigan)

We walked out of the airport (though automatic doors that you have to push open) and were greeted by a driver named David dressed in monochromatic maroon. David took us to the Meliá Cuba Hotel to exchange money. The front desk said we could not use exchange because we are not staying here but we could use the exchange center. He also told us we couldn’t use the wifi but could go to the business center to do so. We walked past the lobby to learn both the business center and exchange center were closed. The guy finally let us exchange 30 Euros for CUC. We spent 10 of them on an internet card that would last an hour so we could find out where to meet Bryant. When Daniel finally logged connected, he saw a text from Bryant that said dinner was at 7:00 at Doña Eutima (at the time it was already 7:15).

Meliá Cuba Hotel
Meliá Cuba Hotel Lobby where the wifi is $10/hour.

David drove us another ten minutes to our Airbnb in Havana, we ran inside, checked in, exchanged money, changed and got back into the car to meet everyone at dinner. David dropped us off in an old plaza and told us how to walk to the restaurant. We walked in at 7:45 and met Bryant and eight of his friends. We ordered mojitos, chickpeas and veggies, rice and eggs-as the restaurant was out of fish.

Doña Eutima Havana
Paladar Doña Eutima

After dinner we bar hopped around Havana Vieja. We started at a bar called El Floridita, known for both its daiquiris and Ernst Hemingway. It felt pretty touristy but the live music made it fun. After one drink we we moved to another bar with what they claimed was live Cuban music, but it ended up being 3 people playing an interesting version of Enrique Iglesias’ Bilando.

El Floridita Havana
Outside of El Floridita

Bar at El Floridita
The Bar at El Floridita: Home of the daiquiri

El Floridita Bar
Bronze statue of Ernest Hemingway at the bar with friend.

El Floridita Bar
A bit of a tourist trap, but drinks are $2/$3

We bought beers in the street and walked to another bar where there was good live music. We spent the remainder of the night there before walking back towards El Floridita and catching a 10 CUC cab back to our Airbnb. As we got out of the cab we asked someone where to get food and he told us to go to La Concordia, the restaurant above our Airbnb.

Bar in Havana Cuba
Star of the night

Bar in Havana Cuba
Live music in a random Havana bar

We got upstairs around 1:00AM and ordered some rice and beans. Just as we were finishing the owner of the restaurant, his wife, and his father in law (also the landlord) came to sit and chat. They were extremely hospitable and didn’t want us to go to bed. They ordered us drinks and gave Daniel a cigar. Eventually we went down to bed around 2:30AM.

Day 2: Santa María del Mar Beach

We woke up at 7:30 so that we could eat breakfast at 8:00PM and meet the gang at their Airbnb in Vedado at 8:30AM. Breakfast was not yet available for us, so when we arrived at Bryant’s place, we joined them for a breakfast of eggs and bread.

Homes in Vedado
Homes in Vedado

Living Room in an Airbnb
The living room in their Airbnb

We were met by some of their Cuban friends who drove us in tiny tiny cars to Santa María del Mar beach about 40 minutes away. The beach was absolutely magical! Some of us whet in the water but got a little beat up because of the rip tide. Nonetheless the water was super warm (compared to the Pacific Ocean). We spent the rest of the afternoon drinking coconuts and rum on the beach and eventually got lunch (rice, vegetables, and yuca chips) delivered to us on the sand.

Cars in Cuba
Our tiny car in Cuba

Santa María del Mar Beach
Santa María del Mar Beach setup

Santa María del Mar Beach
Santa María del Mar Beach

Santa María del Mar Beach
Lounge Chairs

Santa María del Mar Beach
Coconuts and rum on the beach

Santa María del Mar Beach
So glad for whoever brought this partially deflated flamingo float

Santa María del Mar Beach

Around 3:30PM the guy who drove us there, Leo, drove Daniel and I back to our Airbnb. I closed my eyes at several points in the ride for fear of A) running into cars B) running into people C) running into bikes and D) running into horse drawn carriages. We listened to reggaeton music on volume level 50. We were only too excited to get out of the car.

Cars in Cuba
Bry’s car on the drive home.

Cars in Cuba
Leo dropping us off after Mr. Toads wild ride from hell

We came back to the Airbnb and napped  before walking a 7:00 dinner with everyone at La Guarida (literally one block away from our Airbnb). La Guarida is one of Cuba’s most famous restaurants—the Obamas and Beyoncé have come, Usher even got married in the building—and the location of Cuba’s famous movie Fresa y Chocolate. Anyway we had a amazing dinner. We ordered the first fish on the menu and shared some appetizers. It was also the location of everyone’s favorite piña colada. Once we’d finished our meal we went up to the roof top bar and drank and danced until we decided to change scenery.

La Guarida Restaurant
In the entryway of La Guarida

La Guarida Restaurant
Inside of La Guarida Restaurant

La Guarida
Partial group shot at La Guarida

La Guarida Restaurant Kitchen
The kitchen

La Guarida Rooftop Bar
Group Shot at La Guarida rooftop bar

We went to The Concordia, the rooftop restaurant/bar above our Airbnb before getting in cars and driving to a cool outdoor bar in Vedado called Espacios. We stayed and drank for an hour before returning to or Airbnb.

Day 3: Havana All Day

We woke up this morning (or rather I was woken up by someone’s extraordinarily loud pet parrot)  and went to the roof to eat breakfast. Little did we know breakfast consisted of sliced ham, chicken croquetas, and friend shrimp along with bread and jam. After eating a bit we had our host team call us a taxi which took forever. When it eventually came we had to barter with the driver to get the driver down to the usual “getting ripped off price of 10 CUC”.

The taxi took us into Vedado,to what was supposed to be Centro Hebreo Sefaradi, the Sephardic synagogue, on 17th and E but he ended dropping us off on 17th and I instead. So after some confusion we visited Beth Shalom, the Ashkenazi synagogue, before heading over to the Sephardic synagogue. We looked for Daniel’s relatives who lived in Cuba way back when but couldn’t find them. After a short stint of synagogue hopping we went back to Bryant and crews on Avendia Paseo.

Streets of Vedado

Fixing classic cars

Cars in Cuba
The cars in Cuba

We said goodbye to everyone but Bryant and Colbi, who joined us for a day adventure. We walked to the Hotel Nacional and stumbled upon some historical trenches, bunkers and history. After we walked around the corner to a place called California Cafe that had California—Cuban fare and “a vibe” according to Daniel. They had great vegetarian food and wonderful service. After lunch Daniel bought some hot sauce for them to bring home (which he ended up dropping on the floor 30 minutes later).

Hotel Nacional De Cuba
Hotel Nacional De Cuba

Hotel Nacional De Cuba
A cannon and bunker in front of the hotel

Hotel Nacional De Cuba
Barbie’s dream car in Havana

California Cafe Havana
California Cafe

After lunch we walked the Málecon into Havana Viejo. Then we wandered the streets, found Bodeguita Del Medio (a mojito/ Ernest Hemingway bar that was too touristy to enter), and took photos in Plaza de la Catedral. We also wandered into Taller Experimental de Grafíca, a print making workshop, until Bryant and Colbi had to leave to go to the airport.

Pink car on the Málecon
Pink car on the Málecon

La Bodeguita Havana
The wall outside La Bodeguita

Artist's Studio in Old Havana
Artist’s Studio in Old Havana

After they left Daniel and I went to Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes to see Cuban art. It was interesting to see both the Spanish and African influences over the years. After the museum we walked back into the old city and went to Café El Dandy for piña coladas and a quesadilla. Then we explored Clandestina (a cool graphic design shop) before walking back to our Airbnb in Havana Centro. All in all we walked 12.5 miles.

Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes
Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes atrium

Graffiti in Old Havana
Street Art in Old Havana

Café El Dandy
The art in Café El Dandy

Upon arriving at the Airbnb we showered (from sweating due to walking, sunshine and humidity) and went back to La Guarida for drinks and appetizers (pins coladas and tuna ceviche). Then we walked back to La Concordia (the restaurant above our Airbnb) to eat dinner. Daniel ordered the fish with green sauce, I ordered fish with herbs and we split arroz congri. We also ordered more mojitos and pina coladas. Everything was delicious.

Rooftop at La Guarida
Rooftop at La Guarida

Just as we were finishing our meal, Alejandro and Lady (the owner and his wife who we met the other night) invited us to come out with them to two new clubs that had just reopened—oh also it was their 5 year wedding anniversary.  Considering it was only 9PM when they asked and it was only at 12PM when we left, we had to keep ourselves up for the next few hours when all we had planned on was sleep. Not so easy.

At 11:30PM we met Alejandro and Lady upstairs for a drink—we also briefly met another large crew of Americans. Eventually we got in Alejandro’s car to go to a club in Miramar called (the stork La Cinguena). This club used to be called Sangri La but for some odd reasons it had to be closed and was only reopened tonight under its new name. It’s hours of operation were strictly 12AM —3PM.  As an opening night special they had Leoni Torres perform—apparently muy famoso in Cuba and other Latin countries. All the girls in the klurb were going crazy. Alejandro and Lady got bottle service and then began our wild night in Cuba at a club  that apparently foreigners don’t go to.

Sangri La
Sangri La aka La Cinguena Cuba

IMG_4976 2
The famed Leoni Torres

At 3:00AM the show ended and we walked out of the club. At that point we were told it’s time for club number two, a place called Fantasy. So in the spirit of doing everything we got in the car and went. When we arrived Ale ordered pizza at the pizza bar/outdoor patio of the club and then we went inside. It was impressive how many people were still going strong for a Tuesday night or Wednesday morning. After another hour of dancing and eating and trying not to fall asleep, Ale took us back to the start of Vedado so we could get a cab. Extremely nice considering they live in the opposite direction. We arrived back at our Airbnb at 4:30AM. Definitely not the night we imagined was in store for us while we were eating dinner that night.

IMG_3935 2

Fantasy Club in Havana
Known for the best pizza

Day 3.5: Streets of Old Havana

I woke up to the street sounds of Cuba around 9:45 AM and waited for Daniel until 11:15 AM to do the same. We went to the rooftop of La Concordia for a more American style breakfast than the day before (omelettes with arroz congri).

Rooftop at La Concordia
Rooftop at La Concordia

We walked along the Málecon to Old Havana and went to Museo de la Revolución. It was more artifacts with statements rather than history (e.g. this is the shirt Fidel wore when he plotted his first attack, these are the glasses a revolutionary wore when he committed a crime, this is the doll that was used to smuggle notes, etc).

I would recommend getting a tour guide if you really want to know about the history, but that’s just me.

Museo de la Revolución
Political statement wall at Museo de la Revolución

Museo de la Revolución
View from the Museum

Cars in Cuba
Literally looks like a movie set

We left the museum and walked around a few more blocks in old Havana before taking a drive in an old school purple Chevrolet convertible down the Málecon for 30 minutes. After our drive, Esteban, the driver dropped us off at our Airbnb and took some glamour shots of us in his car.

Old Cars in Havana
Glamour Shots

We packed up our stuff, ordered one last meal of rice and beans for the airport, and said goodbye to our incredible hosts and their staff. We took a private cab back to the airport only to learn that where we were dropped off at was a 5 minute drive away from the terminal we were supposed to be at. When we asked one of the taxis outside to take us they wanted to charge each of us 5 CUC to get there. After the taxi driver accidentally started to shut his trunk onto Daniels head, he forwent the 10 CUC—Daniel always taking one for the team. When we arrived at the correct airport we saw the group of Americans we met the night before and learned that they too had been dropped at the wrong terminal and had to pay to get to the right one. Clearly a scam!

Dan and I checked in through security and sat in the tiny airport for two and a half hours until we boarded our flight. The airport was the first place we’ve had wifi during the trip.

All in all, spontaneity made this happen and I’m so glad it did.

Airbnb Havana Cuba
Living Room in our Airbnb


*10 CUC cabs: This is pretty much the average amount cabs charge to get around Havana, which is still way more than you should pay.

*Euros are the only currency to bring so you can exchange for CUC

*No credit cards

*No internet (with some very minor exceptions)

Sunsets in Santorini

Monday morning we watched the sun rise and drove for an hour to Herakilon Port to take a ferry to Thira Port in Santorini. We sat in nice seats at a table across from these fabulous people (below). Tip: Daniel read on a few travel sites to buy the top deck seats on the ferry for view purposes. I personally don’t think it made much of a difference, especially since we slept most of the time anyway.



the lovely people we sat across from
the happy couple we sat across from

Early ferry rides and googly eyes
Early ferry rides and googly eyes

Daniel enjoying the view
Daniel enjoying the view

Cosmote Ferry
Cosmote Ferry

We arrived in Thira at eleven and sprinted to get one of the illusive taxis. However, wherever we sprinted had no taxis at all. Instead, we found mini busses—lots and lots of mini busses, which meant lots and lots of mini bus drivers (all of whom are looking to haggle you until you give in to riding in their vehicle). These guys told us it would take an hour for a taxi to arrive (which a blog we read confirmed).

So, Daniel negotiated with one man who wouldn’t leave us alone. The deal was we would go with him if he would leave the port immediately and not wait for any more passengers.  Shockingly, the deal was for real.  He drove us into the town of Fira (even though we were staying in Firostefani) and told us ‘this’ was where we were staying, pointing vaguely to the long area ahead. Daniel asked him to go to location our Airbnb host had given us and he told us we were there….obviously we were not there, we were about half a mile down a steep winding hill from “there”. Thus,  we pushed our suitcases up the street behind his mini bus, until we could no longer see it. What a delight!

Our wheelin' dealin' mini bus driver pointing to "there"
Our wheelin’ dealin’ mini bus driver pointing to “there”

At the top of the hill we were met by the man who ran the operations for our Airbnb. Thankfully, he was a doll and rolled our luggage down a narrow cobblestone path way until we reached a flat roof with a “VIP rope” —”private parking” he said. Next we descended the stairs to a private infinity pool flanked by two beach chairs on either side. Such stunning views!

The Airbnb unit we booked (he had another unit adjacent to ours that shared the pool) was still being cleaned. The man showed us both units, each with the Santorini white vibe, but one with a down stairs. We opted for the one we hadn’t booked as it had better views and it was already clean. Settling into our Airbnb, we unloaded our stuff and walked through Firostefani. It’s exactly what you would expect it to look like from all the postcards. We found the church that the Canadians we met at Glossites in Chania had told us to look for and went to the tiny blue and white restaurant Aktaion directly across for lunch. The food was delicious, especially the rolled eggplant. The owner Danny was fabulous. We ended up making dinner reservations there for Tuesday night also.

The pool and the view from our Airbnb
The pool and the view from our Airbnb

The living room
The living room/kitchen in our Airbnb

The bedroom in our Airbnb
The bedroom in our Airbnb

The full monte
The full monte

The church with the phallic imagery we were told to look for
The church with the phallic imagery we were told to look for by the Canadians we met at Glossites in Chania

We found Aktaion!
We found Aktaion!

Aktaion in Santorini

Aktaion in Santorini
Lunch at Aktaion

After lunch we swam and laid out. Daniel rented an ATV down the street (everyone on this island gets around on them or motorbikes) and around six we left to drive to Oia for the much anticipated  of Santorini sunsets. We rushed through the crowds hoping to find a solid spot to watch sun go down. At the top of a view point we climbed over a wall to sit on a roof and waited until the sun went down so we could take 900 photos. It was beautiful! After the sunset we walked through the crowded and very touristy streets until we got back to our ATV. We drove down to Fira proper to check out their touristy scene. If you haven’t gathered by now, Santorini is much more touristy than Crete.

Enjoying the view
Enjoying the view

Oia, Santorini

One of Dan's 20-minute process shots
One of Dan’s 20-minute process shots (head detached from body)

Watching the sunset from Oia
Watching the sunset from Oia

Shot 760 of 900

Shot 889 of 900

Sunset from Oia

Sunset in Oia

We were craving Italian for dinner so we went to a restaurant called Da Vinci. We had a Ukranian waiter, serving Italian food in Greece. Kinda funny. Food was delicious. Ordered a pizza and a pasta and then headed home to go to sleep.

Tuesday morning we woke up to howling wind. The sky was gray and damp and the island looked pretty abandoned. We drove the ATV to some area to get breakfast. Many of the places we wanted to go were closing up cause of the wind so we settled on a really average place. Afterwards we decided to go back to our Airbnb and read. The wind on this island doesn’t leave for too much to do, so we decided to make cocktails and enjoy our porch until the sun eventually came out.

Processed with Snapseed. Processed with VSCO with s3 preset
Walking around Santorini

Santorini vibes

Considering the wind, we decided to go somewhere closer than Oia for sunset so we drove to the same areas where we had breakfast. We saw a great bar at the top of the cliff called La Maltese and decided to go there for Aperol Spritzes and the sunset. The sunset was beautiful but the wind was ridiculous. Freezing cold we went back to our side of town to get warmer clothes before dinner.

Sunset and hair blowing in the wind
Sunset and hair blowing in the wind at La Maltese


We left for Aktaion for dinner, a five minute walk down the street. When we got there we were told our reservation was for 9 and not 9:30, honest mistake on our part. Danny told us it would be another 5-10 minutes so we walked around until they were ready for us. We eventually sat down and ordered, the food was ridiculous. We ordered a twist on tzaziki, the eggplant rolls, feta skewers, and a Greek pasta. When the pasta was being delivered, presumably by Danny’s father, he made some comment to us along the lines of , “Are you ready to realize/let us know that your reservation was at 9 and not 9:30—you’re lucky you still got a table”. I was shocked by his lack of hospitality!  Anyway, the food was great but we left right after to go home. No ouzo shots this night.

Wednesday was a perfectly clear and sunny day! We got on the ATV and rode to Oia for breakfast and to take some photos. We walked through the the narrow passages and down the winding stair cases that almost inevitably led to a roped off private area, until I was satisfied. Then we rode back to Firostefani and picked up lunch from a restaurant called Why Not? Souvlaki, to eat on our patio.

Found Barbie's dream house in Santorini
Found Barbie’s dream house in Santorini

Periwinkle persuasions
Periwinkle persuasions





Dog on a step
Dog on a step

Blue door
Blue door


Dog in a Store Front
Dog in a Store Front

The little pink church
The little pink church


At 1:45 we went to meet the driver from Santorini Yachting Club who would take us to our afternoon/sunset boat cruise. We’d expected a mini bus, instead we were squeezed into a hatchback coup with Patricia and Kevin from the UK and drove for 45 minutes—so cute. She’s basically the Ramona Singer of wherever she’s from.

Our hatchback driver
Our hatchback driver—shaking hands and kissing babies

We arrived at a marina at the bottom of the island, and boarded a boat called the Lagoon 52. There were about 20 of us onboard and we cruised for 5 hours to the red beach, the white beach, and the black beach. The boat served drinks and dinner. We cruised all the way to Oia where we watched the sunset. It was magnificent! Then we got off and road a mini bus back to our Airbnb with Patricia, Kevin and everyone else on our boat.

The white beach
The white beach

"The red beach, because it's red"
“The red beach, because it’s red”

Sailing in Santorini


Boating Expert
Boating Expert

Yachting in Santorini

Cliffside views of Fira
Cliffside views of Fira

Sunset Clouds
Sunset Clouds

Sunset from the boat
Sunset from the boat



Tip: The black beach— it contains hot springs which were warm, but looked like a muddy river amid clear blue water. Because i’m a genius I packed only white bathing suits, but after going in the hot sulphur hot spring waters I now have a clay-brown bathing suit. Note to anyone planning to do this, bring a dark colored bathing suit!

Thursday morning, on our last day in Greece, we decided we’d get a little exercise after a week plus of competitive eating. Not knowing what we were getting ourselves into, we set out to climb up and down the stairs from Fira to the Old Market down by the ocean. Although we could smell donkey shit as we started our decent, we didn’t piece together the number of donkeys that would appear towards the middle of the top and the middle of the bottom of the stairs.

As we descended into the third bend of the stairs, I immediately regretted our decision to take this hike but followed Daniel anyway. When we reached the bottom we took a photo and climbed back up the stairs faster than we climbed down (for fear of having to spend any more time near rouge donkeys climbing the steps and tourists on donkeys asking us if we could take their photos at every curve). By the time we reached the top we were both beet red.

Donkey city
Donkey city

Hi from the bottom of donkey hell
Hi from the bottom of donkey hell

Oh yeah, this was our ATV
Oh yeah, this was our ATV

Profusely sweating, we rushed back to our Airbnb to jump in the pool, pack up, and shower before we had to check out. Thankfully, Daniel rented a car for 35 Euros for the rest of the day so that we had somewhere to store our bags (also it was 40 Euro taxi to the airport).

We took the car and drove out of Firostefani to a restaurant called Metaxi Mas (across the street from a random goat herder and behind a beautiful cathedral). The restaurant was so cute and served some of the best food we’ve had in Greece. We ordered a pomegranate salad (I’m still dreaming about this), a baked feta cheese in phyllo dough, sesame seeds and honey, as well as a a baked eggplant dish. I was so hungry I forgot to take photos of the food. Everything was UNBELIEVABLE—honestly one of my top 3 meals of the trip.

The big beautiful cathedral

Metaxi Mas is behind this
Metaxi Mas is behind this

Cutie little door
Cutie little door

Metaxi Mas
Metaxi Mas

He was in a "good" mood when we got to the restaurant
He was in a “good” mood when we got to the restaurant

Restaurant with a view
Restaurant with a view

Great decor
Great decor

dsc02426 dsc02428 dsc02427

Daniel taking one of his photos
Daniel taking one of his photos

After lunch we got back into the car and drove down to a little beach town where we walked around until we decided to get beach chairs. We spent the try of the day on the beach and only got back in the car to drive up to some winery (with a ridiculous view) for the sunset. It was epic, even better than the one in Oia.


Interrupted my reading to let Daniel take this
Interrupted my reading to let Daniel take this

Our last sunset in Greece

The most ridiculous sunset

We had a 9:00 flight on Aegean Airlines to Athens so we were told to get to the airport at 7:30, to drop off the car. Exchanging the car took no time at all, but then we proceeded to wait in a 45 minute line to check bags. I won’t go into it too much, but the Santorini airport is a joke. It’s kind of like a cave in the middle of nowhere with no service, and where no one knows what’s going on. The flight to Athens was very delayed, which was fine.

The end ...
The end …

Once we got to Athens we took another Aegean Airline flight to Israel. This flight was also very delayed and quite miserable. I think they told everyone to get ready for landing (tray tables up, chairs up, ear buds out, electronics off) twenty minutes into the two hour flight. Uggggh. We landed in Tel Aviv at three AM.

Elounda and Plaka

The drive from Chania to Elounda was beautiful. Part of the drive was through the woods, which reminded me a lot of Lake Arrowhead, and part of the drive (at the edge of the island) was bright blue and green ocean everywhere! We stopped at Piato for lunch in Agiou Nikolaou and ordered a delicious mezze platter before driving 20 minutes to our hotel in Elounda /Placka.

The drive from Chania to Elounda
The drive from Chania to Elounda


The mezze plannter at Piato in Agiou Nikolaou
The mezze plannter at Piato in Agiou Nikolaou

Daniel putting together one of his 20-minute process photos
Daniel putting together one of his 20-minute process photos

The water in Agiou Nikolaou
The water in Agiou Nikolaou

We arrived at the Blue Palace Resort, on the hillside overlooking Spinalonga—the former leper colony—and checked into our room before taking the gondola down to the beach. The beach had no sand, but rather massive rocks all over the ground. The hotel had a a floating dock for easy water entrance. We jumped in the water about thirty minutes after we got there— it seemed to be warmer than it was up in Chania.

Our room at Blue Palace Resort
Our room at Blue Palace Resort

We got an umbrella and chairs next to a couple around our age from somewhere in London. She was topless and at a volume level of 11. Her significant other kept telling her she was shouting, but I’m pretty sure his volume level was at a 14. It made for some fabulous entertainment. After a few hours we went up to our room to shower and change and walked over to Placka (10 minutes up the road).

Views of Spinalonga from the Blue Palace Beach
Views of Spinalonga from the Blue Palace Beach

Daniel enjoying the beach
Daniel enjoying the beach and taking feet photos

Elounda Crete Greece
Our first day in Elounda

We walked  through the village of Plaka, which took about 37 seconds before sitting down at a restaurant called Captain Nicolas, on the water. After ordering wine we sat down and enjoyed the sunset and the moon rise before heading back to the hotel to have dinner at the Greek restaurant, Blue Door. The food was kind of a modern take on Greek food. I thought it was great, Daniel didn’t seem to love it. We ordered tzatziki with avocado, pita and dolmadas. After dinner we passed out.

Sunset in Plaka at Captain Nicolas

Wine with a view
Wine with a view

Just after sunset looking at Spinalonga
Just after sunset over Spinalonga

Moon rise over Spinalonga
Moon rise over Spinalonga

Our dinner at Blue Door
Our dinner at Blue Door

I sort of passed out at dinner
I sort of passed out at dinner

I was awoken by Daniel’s not so silent attempt to watch the sunrise on our balcony, so I decided I might as well join him. It was obviously beautiful.

Sunrise from our balcony
Sunrise from our balcony

We went upstairs for the most elaborate breakfast spread I’ve ever seen and then when we were completely stuffed we rolled down to the beach. After we found chairs, our ‘quiet’ friends from the UK found us and decided to sit directly behind us. Score! Entertainment two days in a row! We spent he morning in and out of the water with our floats that we purchased in Elafonisi. Everyone else in the water seemed quite jealous of our water toys.

The most elaborate breakfast spread
The most elaborate breakfast spread

Rock beach, no sand in site
Beach set up

Rocky Beach
Rocky Beach


We walked back to Plaka for lunch and ate at the cutest restaurant called Thalassa. Obviously, we ordered the mezze platter and it was delicious. Eventually, we realized we’d rather be lying down in the sun than sitting on the outdoor patio, so we headed back to the hotel.


Lunch at Thalassa
Lunch at Thalassa —complete with a boat in the window

Thalassa in Plaka

Our table at Thalassa
Our table at Thalassa

Lunch at Thalassa
Lunch at Thalassa

Daniel arranged for us to take a boat around the small island in front of us (driven by yours truly). We stopped in a few beach coves to swim and came back to the hotel about two hours later. It was mucho fun! Possibly my favorite beach activity.

Anchoring — Daniel's favorite activity
Anchoring — Daniel’s favorite activity

Boating into different coves around Elounda
Boating into different coves around Elounda

That night, we walked to the furthest end of Plaka (49 seconds from the start of the town) for dinner. We ate at a restaurant called Ostria on the water. The food was good. The service was hilarious. The bill came in Greek (obviously) so we had no idea why the bill looked like more than normal. Daniel asked the waitor a question about one line item and the guy told us it was for bread… when he remembered we didn’t order bread, he changed his mind and told us it was for tax. It was quite funny. After dinner we walked back to the hotel, packed and passed out.

Dinner at Ostria in Plaka
Dinner at Ostria in Plaka



Picture Perfect Chania

We landed in Crete and were driven by a really sweet taxi driver to the town of Chania. The town looks like a movie set/postcard. When we arrived in Chania, we got out of the taxi and onto a small golf cart to get down the narrow street to our hotel, Casa Delfino. We checked in with reception and went to the beautiful touristy area on the water for breakfast while our room was being cleaned.

Chania Greece
Chania: postcard city

Casa Delfino Boutique Hotel
The courtyard at Casa Delfino Boutique Hotel

Casa Delfino Boutique Hotel Room
Our room at Casa Delfino Boutique Hotel

We ate at Café Remezzo—the food was not good at all, but the view made up for it. I ordered an omelet which was basically one enormous deep fried egg with cheese on top. I decided not to eat it and went for bread and a salad instead.

Cafe Remezzo Chania
Cafe Remezzo at the port in Chania

Cafe Remezzo
A deep fried egg with cheese on top —aka omelette

Eating at Cafe Remezzo (not the omelette)
Eating at Cafe Remezzo (not the omelette)

After brunch we walked around the small town, which is like stepping back in time. The streets are cobblestone, and the people are ancient—not all of them, but a lot of them… the rest are tourists.  Needless to say, people watching is unbelievable!

People watching in Chania
People watching in Chania

The port in Chania
The port in Chania

Chania Greece

Old Venetian Harbor Chania
Views of the Old Venetian Harbor

We walked about 10 minutes from our hotel and ended up at Nea Hora Beach with a lot of not so cute topless older people. Everyone was quite leathery and really strutting their stuff. I was very amused. We paid 5 Euros for two beach chairs and an umbrella set up, that came with fresh fruit and WIFI—all the necessities for a day at the beach!

Nea Hora Beach
Nea Hora Beach

Nea Hora Beach

Nea Hora Beach: chairs, fresh fruit, and WIFI
Nea Hora Beach: chairs, fresh fruit, and WIFI

After the beach we went back to the room. Daniel napped for what felt like 7 hours, and then we went up to the hotel rooftop for drinks before dinner. We went to dinner at the Pallas Bar Restaurant, which was on a beautiful rooftop overlooking the Old Venetian Harbor. Apparently the building was built in 1830. We ordered the deconstructed Greek salad, the Porcini mushroom risotto, and the grilled salmon pave with a green salad with fresh onions and sesame seeds. The food was delicious and the view was unbelievable. The service was not worthy of writing about. About an hour after we finished dinner we finally payed before wandering back to the hotel.

Pallas Bar Restaurant Chania
Deconstructed Greek Salad at Pallas Bar Restaurant

Pallas Bar Restaurant Food
Porcini mushroom risotto and grilled salmon pave with a green salad with fresh onions and sesame seeds

Couldn't help myself
Couldn’t help myself

Walking along the port in Chania
Walking along the port in Chania

The next day we woke up and had breakfast in the hotel courtyard. The food was amazing—they served us basically ever dish they’ve ever decided to wrap in phyllo dough. Completely stuffed we decided to spend the day beach hopping so we got in the car and drove about thirty minutes east to Marathi Beach—it was unreal! The water was beautiful and clear, but definitely not warm… I’d describe it as refreshing. We rented two beach chairs and an umbrella and spent the morning there until we decided to walk to one of the local waterside restaurants (recommended by our hotel) for lunch. The restaurant was called Patrelantonis Fish Taverna, and it had to be one of my favorite meals of the trip. We ordered a panzanella greek salad and the salmon linguini and ate lunch on the water. I’d highly recommend going here.

Breakfast at Casa Delfino
Part one of breakfast at Casa Delfino

Marathi Beach
Shaggy Umbrellas at Marathi Beach

Marathi Beach

Patrelantonis Fish Taverna
Patrelantonis Fish Taverna

Patrelantonis Fish Taverna
Our meal at Patrelantonis Fish Taverna

My favorite meal :)
Couldn’t get enough

We got back in the car and drove to Tersanas Beach, but somewhere away from the main area, because I’m pretty sure we were lost. We entered the beach through a small bar, had a beer and then laid out on the sand, which was more of a tiny pebble or rock beach. We swam for a bit and then decided to drive to Kou Kou Vaya, a little caffe (known for their desserts) with an excellent view of Chania. We grabbed coffees and checked the view before heading back to the hotel for showers, and sunset Aperol Spritzes on the rooftop.

Found a few mailboxes along the drive
Found a few mailboxes along the drive

The little beach bar at Tersanas Beach
The little beach bar at Tersanas Beach

Some very frosty bears
Some very frosty bears

Tersanas Beach
Tersanas Beach

Our setup
Our setup

The "sand" texture at Tersanas Beach
The “sand” texture at Tersanas Beach

The view from Kou Kou Vaya

Casa Delfino Sunset View
Casa Delfino Sunset View

Enjoying a Aperol Spritz's from the roof of our hotel
Enjoying a Aperol Spritz’s from the roof of our hotel (sorry for the blur)

Casa Delfino Aperol Spritz

That night we went to a Cretan restaurant called Portes for dinner. I was so tired I don’t remember exactly what we ordered because we were deliriously tired, but I’m positive it was delicious. This restaurant seemed to attract more of the island’s street cats than normal, and we ended up with one sitting under our table the entire meal and one sitting on our spare chair (on top of Daniel’s jacket).

Portes restaurant is like a hallway
Portes restaurant is like a hallway

Dan passing out at dinner (cat's not yet present)
Dan passing out at dinner (cat’s not yet present)

Friday morning I woke up super early and decided to go up to the rooftop to watch the sun rise. It was about as scenic as a sun rise gets! Then I walked down to the room woke Daniel up and we went down to the courtyard for breakfast. I ordered a hard boiled egg but I’m pretty sure they just accidentally put a fresh egg in the egg dish because when I cracked it a raw egg exploded on the table. That was cute.

Sunset views
Sunset views

Enjoying breakfast (or rather posing with my egg surprise)
Enjoying breakfast (or rather posing with my egg surprise)


Considering our early start time, we decided to take advantage of the day and drive for an hour and thirty minutes to Elafonisi Beach. The drive was on a tiny, narrow, and at times one-lane road that hugged the edge of various cliffs. Semi-frightening, but also quite stunning. During the time we weren’t driving on the edges of cliffs we went through olive tree orchards. Around ten in the morning we arrived at Elafonisi Beach—one of the most stunning beaches on the planet, turquoise clear water, white sand, huge rock structures and mountain views. On our way in we purchased two water floats, a dolphin and a sting ray—very important.

The trailers just above
The trailers just above Elafonisi Beach (not a bad view)

Elafonisi Beach
Elafonisi Beach

Before the chairs filled up
Before the chairs filled up


The pool toys we purchased :)
The pool toys we purchased 🙂

Elafonisi Beach
Pano of Elafonisi Beach

“To train ze dolphin you must zink like ze dolphin! You must be getting inside ze dolphin’s head. I am saying, “Akay!… Akay Akay Akay?” und he is saying “AKay Akay!” und he is up on ze tail “Eeeeeeeeee!” und you can quote him!”


Never not a photo opp
Never not a photo opp


Elafonisi Beach
Sponsored by Beer

It was clearly a popular destination for locals and tourists because about two hours after we arrived the beach was full—of large men in tiny speedos, selfie sticks, and people taking modeling photos. We felt like we were back on Ko Phangan island in Thailand where the Israelis at our hotel created the Israeli Modeling Competition. People Safari was amazing.  We got lunch at one of the Kantinas on the beach—nothing fabulous.

People safari at Elafonisi Beach
People safari at Elafonisi Beach

Elafonisi Beach
The sand was pink

Daniel pretending he was on the playa (kinda was...)
Daniel pretending he was on the playa (kinda was…)

When Daniel ordered his slushy he made sure to ask for "LEWON" flavor
When Daniel ordered his slushy he made sure to ask for “LEWON” flavor

We left the beach around 4:30 and drove back to the hotel to shower before running into town to buy ferry tickets for when we went to Santorini. We were told we wouldn’t be able to get them in Elounda (our next destination) without having someone come deliver them to us. So we walked into one of the “travel agencies” somewhere in the town of Chania and seemed to disturb the man staring into space at the counter when we asked him to buy tickets. On a scale of not helpful to extremely helpful, he never even qualified. It was quite entertaining.

Found a this bougainvillea wall on the drive
Found a this bougainvillea wall on the drive

... and some cactus
… and some cactus

We went back to the hotel for our last sunset drinks on the roof. We met a couple on the rooftop who told us a bit about Elounda (our next stop on Crete). Then we went to dinner at Glossitses just at the end of the Old Venetian Harbor. This place was tiny, and looked almost no different from the surrounding restaurants, but the food was beyond—it had to be our favorite dinner we’ve had in Crete. Per usual, we ordered tzatziki, pita, baked feta, tomatoes, pepper, and fresh vegetarian dolmas. The dolmas were homemade and unbelievable!!!! We met some Canadians at the table next to us who told us to find a tiny restaurant on Santorini across from a church with “phallic imagery” as they described it.

Last sunset in Chania
Last sunset in Chania

Aperol Sundowners
Aperol Sundowners

Menu Funnies: "Cheece Pie", "Marinate" "Octapus"
Menu Funnies: “Cheece Pie”, “Marinate” “Octapus”

Dinner at Glossitses in Chania—one of our top meals of the entire trip!
Dinner at Glossitses in Chania—one of our top meals of the entire trip!

Phallic church imagery we were told to look for in Santorini (to locate a restaurant)
Phallic church imagery we were told to look for in Santorini (to locate a restaurant)

Cutie boat
Cutie boat

Saturday morning we woke up at a normal hour went down to the courtyard for breakfast. Today my egg came hard boiled! After breakfast we packed up, got in the car and started our three hour drive to Elounda.

One of Daniel's 20-minute process photos of the Casa Delfino courtyard
One of Daniel’s 20-minute process photos of the Casa Delfino courtyard

The narrow streets of Chania
The narrow streets of Chania

More Observations:

  • Every time you sit at a restaurant they bring you table bread, they also charge you for the table bread, so if you don’t plan to eat it, you may want to ask them not to bring it to you.
  • Most dolmades are not freshly made, the restaurants buy them from the market because the process to make them is rather time consuming.
  • The bills are in Greek 🙂


Athens: The Land of Cheese and Pastries

We just got back from our honeymoon trip to Greece, and we wanted to share ALL of the details with you! While I wrote down everything as it happened during the trip on my phone, a combination of bad internet access and not wanting Daniel to kill me resulted in this series of posts happening now.  We hope you enjoy!

Disclosure—I had pretty much nothing to do with planning this trip, so pretty much all credit goes to Daniel (and everyone who gave us recommendations)!

The beginning of the trip!
The beginning of the trip!

We left Los Angeles on Sunday, September 11th and flew Alitalia to Rome. As far as international planes go, this one was less than average—the seats more uncomfortable than Spirit Air, the flight attendants hated people, the vegetarian food had secret ham inside, and Daniel’s TV didn’t work. Daniel never mentioned how much he didn’t enjoy this flight either.

We eventually landed in Rome and went through passport control where Daniel spent the entire time yelling at a T-Mobile representative for deceiving him about his unlimited international data plan. (Apparently he checked both at the store, and with a T-Mobile representative in America before we took off that the plan he bought guaranteed said unlimited international data.) [Note: Don’t use T-Mobile for international data plans.] When Daniel was finally done shouting at the T-Mobile representative, we booked it to our next Alitalia flight to Athens. We both tried to sleep on this flight, but my anxiety levels peaked upon decent when it sounded as if the plane was going to separate from the roof into two large chunks—surprisingly it did not.

Using internet Wi-Fi, Daniel realized that Uber exists in Athens! Our driver, Giorgos—a ‘trendy,’ macho Greek man covered in interesting black tattoos, wearing a floral shirt and some type of pin-stripe pants—drove us to the St.  George Lycabettus Hotel all while twirling/playing with purple and white skull beads. The room was decent, nothing to write home about. But the view from our balcony was awesome. You could see the city with an excellent view of the Acropolis.

Our Uber driver
Our Uber driver

Giorgos twirling his skull beads
Giorgos twirling his skull beads

Our room was decent, nothing to write home about, except that the bed had plastic sheets. But the view from our balcony was awesome. You could see the city with an excellent view of the Acropolis.

Our room at St. George Lycabettus Hotel
Our room at St. George Lycabettus Hotel

Our view from the balcony
Our balcony with a view of the Acropolis

From our balcony we could see the coolest house in Athens (or so we thought)
From our balcony we could see the coolest house in Athens (or so we thought)

Extremely exhausted, we headed out for dinner at a really charming restaurant called Oikeio.  It looked like it belonged in a hillside village in Tuscany. We sat on the sidewalk and watched a man and woman fight with the hostess for what seemed like half of our meal. We ordered a Greek salad, a Halloumi cheese and mint ravioli, a sesame fried feta cheese with honey, and tzatziki. The food looked better than it tasted but the atmosphere was awesome. After dinner we walked around the neighborhood of Kolonaki before returning to the hotel to pass out.

Oikeio: the cutest restaurant
Oikeio: the cutest restaurant

Parts of dinner at Oikeio
Parts of dinner at Oikeio

Tuesday morning we went to a cute coffee shop called Carpo and then to Caffé Da Capo to grab a light breakfast. Daniel was not pleased to discover that Athens is not an ‘egg and toast’ culture. They prefer a croissant or a pastry for breakfast. So after a little nosh we decided to explore the city.

Inside of Carpo, a cute coffee bar that also sells nuts and dried fruits.
Inside of Carpo, a cute coffee bar that also sells nuts and dried fruits.

On our way towards the Acropolis we walked past Parliament, and some ruins. We read that it might be smart to head to the New Acropolis Museum and learn a little bit before heading up to the Acropolis itself. The museum was pretty cool, and the layout was such that as you learned about aspects of the Parthenon, you could actually see it through different vantage points at the museum. After a quick refresher course about ancient Greece and Greek mythology we hiked up the Acropolis and saw the Parthenon. It was incredible, and insane that it only took 9 years to build.

Just being a super tourist

New Acropolis Museum
The New Acropolis Museum

Views climbing up the Acropolis
Views climbing up the Acropolis

Parthenon Ruins
Parthenon Ruins

Another angle (incase you weren't aware that we were viewing the Parthenon)
Another angle (incase you weren’t aware that we were viewing the Parthenon)

Parthenon Greece Acropolis
Here’s a Jumping Jaxy for posterity

Later we climbed down, and learned that the line to get up to the Acropolis resembled the line for the Matterhorn at Disneyland during the last week of summer vacation—I’m so glad we went early. Tip: We bought our tickets for the Acropolis early in the morning before we went to the museum, we’d recommend you do the same.

Anyway, Daniel had researched a cool restaurant in a non-touristy part of town, so we decided to walk there (at the time I was not aware of how far away it was). We stopped for a quick Greek frozen yogurt with honey along the way—way better than whatever we have in America, and at Central Market (basically a massive outdoor butchery) which was not my cup of tea….

Central Market
Central Market: Smelly, fleshy, and very real.

Central Market
Central Market: these are not rubber chickens.

Forty five minutes later we arrived in a desolate area, with a street full of cute restaurants. We went to one called Gazi College where they introduced some menu items with quotes like Grilled Cheese, “the famous American dish”. The ambiance and decor was awesome. The food was average at best.

Food at Gazi College
Food at Gazi College

The inside of Gazi College
The inside of Gazi College

Gazi College interior
Gazi College decor

The solar system mobile
The solar system mobile

Bathroom Signs: Female

Gazi College Bathroom Signs
Bathroom Signs: Male

This is us at Gazi College
This is us at Gazi College

After the meal we walked through Plaka before returning to the hotel. Turns out we had walked a total of 13 miles by the time we were back—thanks Daniel. Exhausted, we went to the pool to lay out. I couldn’t help but overhear the woman next to me have a few interesting conversations on her phone. The first conversation was presumably with her boyfriend, where she explained to him that it was her birthday and he would be taking her out for dinner in her party dress. The second one was with her mother where she explained to her that it was rude she hadn’t written a message like “You Are the Sun” on her Facebook wall for her birthday. (It looks like I was taking a video of the view, but turn up your audio).

Lounging by the pool in Athens
Lounging by the pool in Athens

We watched the sunset from our hotel roof top, which has to be one of the highest view points in the city. Then we walked to Cosmote, a local cell phone carrier location, and purchased SIM cards for the rest of our trip before heading to dinner at Malconi—a trendy and absolutely delicious Italian restaurant. Highly recommended. We went to bed early cause we had to wake up at 5:45 AM to go to the airport. Tip: If you’re looking to avoid serious international phone plan costs, we’d highly recommend buying a SIM and plan at Cosmote—very affordable.

Sunset in Athens from our hotel rooftop with views of the Acropolis
Sunset in Athens from our hotel rooftop with views of the Acropolis

Night views of the Acropolis
Night views of the Acropolis

Italian dinner at Malconi's
Italian dinner at Malconi’s

Wednesday morning we woke up when it was still dark out. We got into an Uber and headed to the airport. We flew RyanAir this time. Fortunately for us, Daniel read the carryon policy ahead of time and learned that RyanAir has a smaller bag size allowed than any other airline. So we bought tickets to check in our extra bags for $20 each. Thank goodness we did this, because when we arrived at the airport, anyone who had a bag that was too large (aka everyone) had to pay an $80 bag check-in fee for their carryon. Tip: If you have a normal size rolling bag, you should look into buying extra bags ahead of time.

We went through security and waited quite some time for our bags to come through the other side of the scanner since the man in front of us had to have his switchblade and a shiv removed from his man purse before anyone could do anything (not joking).

We boarded the plane and I was sat next to a woman who made me look like I had no awareness of flight anxiety. She had white knuckles the entire flight from squeezing the arm rest, my arm, and my leg. She also seemed to be praying quite a bit. Very confidence instilling. After a quick 45 minute flight, we landed in Crete!


Observations about Athens:

  • All Taxis are yellow Mercedes
  • Not a breakfast culture (no eggs)
  • Uber works well here
  • Lots of Jants
  • Couldn’t seem to figure out how to get the light in the bathroom stalls to turn on. So I was always peeing in the dark.

Tokyo from Tsukiji Fish Market to the Robot Restaurant

We’ve been moving non-stop since we’ve been here.

Tuesday morning we slept in and decided to have a more relaxing day, but in the same areas as the day before). We started off the day going back to Bagel Bagel for breakfast, and to The Roastery for coffee. Then we wandered into a few of Tokyo’s many sock shops (these shops, dedicated to the sale of socks and socks only, exist on every corner in this city—who knew how popular socks were here?). When we were near Harajuku we went to a store called 6% Doki Doki and I bought a cartoon tooth ring (so appropriate for my family). Such a cool store!

Bagel Bagel Ebisu Tokyo
Bagel Bagel for breakfast.

Tokyo Sock Shop
One of Tokyo’s many sock shops (these shops, dedicated to the sale of socks and socks only, exist on every corner in this city—who knew how popular socks were here?).

 6% Doki Doki
When we were near Harajuku we went to a store called 6% Doki Doki and I bought a cartoon tooth ring (so appropriate for my family). Such a cool store!

 6% Doki Doki
Welcome to 6% Dokidoki! A sensational “Kawaii” shop in HARAJUKU which is recognized as the most avant guard representation of Japanese pop-culture. According to the store their concept is “sensational-cute”, “shocking cute”, “cute beyond the time”, “cute too mono-things”.

 6% Doki Doki Ring
Dr. Tooth Ring from 6% Doki Doki

For lunch we went to Bill’s Omotesando a new restaurant by Bill Granger (Anthony Bourdain’s friend). The food was ridiculously good! I think I had one of the most delicious salads of my life with grilled halloumi cheese and vegetables. Daniel got an amazing sandwich with sage and mozzarella cheese as well as ricotta filled pancakes with banana. We would both highly recommend this restaurant to anyone visiting Tokyo so long as you’re up for an hour wait—but we promise the food is really that good!

Bill’s Omotesando Tokyo
Lunch at Bill’s Omotesando I think I had one of the most delicious salads of my life with grilled halloumi cheese and vegetables. Daniel got an amazing sandwich with sage and mozzarella cheese.

Bill’s Omotesando Tokyo
The most amazing ricotta filled pancakes with banana.

In the afternoon Daniel and I split up, he wanted to do some work and I wanted to explore more of Shibuya. So I had a good few hours of getting lost in the shopping streets and malls of the area (but was too overwhelmed to buy anything) before reconvening back in Ebisu. We had a few drinks in the room (beer and sake) and then returned to SpaJiro for dinner at 11:00 PM (we had to convince them to let us in as they said the had already closed the kitchen—but when we told them we had came back a second night in a row, they miraculously let us in). Once again the food was delicious!

JR in Tokyo
This is what everyone looks like on the JR—even thought they are the only public transit system I have ever been on that explicitly states no cell phone usage.

SpaJiro Japanese Pasta Ebisu
Creatures of habit—got the same thing.

SpaJiro Japanese Pasta Ebisu
Same same—not different.

From 12:00 PM to 3:00 PM we bar-hopped and walked the streets to keep ourselves awake as we decided to go to the Tsukiji Fish Market with hopes of making it to the famous tuna auction. We took a cab at 3:15 in the morning and were the 64th and 65th people (we made the second group) to arrive out of a maximum of 120 people. We were given blue jerseys to put on over our clothes to identify us and sat in a “waiting room” until 5:50 AM when we were finally called into the auction.—If you want to see the Tsukiji tuna auction, here’s how it works. When you arrive at the fish market you must “apply” at the Osakana Fukyu Center (Fish Information Center) at the Kachidoki Gate, starting from 3:00AM on a first-come, first-serve basis. A first group of 60 visitors will be admitted to the auction between 5:25 and 5:50, while a second group of 60 visitors will be admitted between 5:50 and 6:15. If you don’t make it early enough, they will turn you away.

Tsukiji Fish Market Map
A basic map of the Tsukiji Fish Market.

Tsukiji Fish Market
The “waiting room” at the Tsukiji Fish Market looks like two teams waiting to play each other in something —even though most people are sleeping.


Tsukiji Fish Market Waiting Room
“It’s 4 AM and we couldn’t be more excited to be waiting to get into the tuna auction at the Tsujiki Fish Market—just look at our faces.”

Tsukiji Fish Market Waiting Room
And now it’s 5 AM and we still have to wait another 50 minutes.

When we walked into the auction room we a bunch of sushi chefs standing over a couple hundred massive flash frozen tunas rubbing, poking and prodding them with some type of a hook on a stick . Moments later a man jumped on a box crate and started the auction; he was shouting so passionately he was basically singing. The auction was super quick and within a matter of minutes some of these men had spent the equivalent of a couple thousand dollars up to ten thousand dollars per tuna. Crazy!

Tsukiji Fish Market Tuna Auction
One of the many auction area’s in this massive building where tuna auctions take place.

Tsukiji Fish Market Tuna Auction
“We didn’t sleep last night because we wanted to make it to the Tsukiji tuna auction at the largest wholesale fish market in the world. We showed up at 3:15 AM to get 2 of the coveted 120 spots for the day. Finally at 5:50 AM the fish police (yes they exist) escorted us into a warehouse where we watched the most badass fish auction (with a single tuna selling for up to 10k) of all time. Now we’re waiting in another hour and a half line to eat it.”

Tsukiji Fish Market Tuna Auction
Fish inspection.

Tsukiji Fish Market Tuna Auction
Us with the fishes.

Tsukiji Fish Market Tuna Auction
Dragging out the tuna he just paid for.

At 6:30 AM we walked out of the tuna auction and into the outdoor fish market where we immediately got into another line to wait for fresh sushi for breakfast. After an hour and a half later we finally made it to the front of the line for Daiwa Sushi, Tsukiji’s most famous sushi bar, after which you’ll be expected to eat and run,   restaurant with 11 seats at the bar. The chef made us the most delicious sushi of all time (I know I’ve said that before, but this was really the winning meal of the trip) and when we left we were absolutely exhausted. We somehow managed to make it back to our hotel without falling asleep on public transit and spent the most of the day sleeping.

Daiwa Sushi  Tsukiji Fish Market
Waiting in line for Daiwa Sushi at the Tsukiji Fish Market at 7 AM.

Daiwa Sushi Tsukiji Fish Market
The line for Daiwa Sushi Tsukiji Fish Market.

Daiwa Sushi Tsukiji Fish Market
Inside of the amazing Daiwa Sushi where you’re expected to eat and run.

Daiwa Sushi Tsukiji Fish Market
Us post eating the best sushi meal of all time!

We woke up at 4:00 PM Wednesday afternoon and went straight to Shinjuku to check in for the Robot Restaurant. For a show that’s all about modernity, their check in process is extremely antiquated. They don’t let you do much online ahead of time and when you walk in the door they make you stand in random lines for no reason—but this is beside the point. At 5:30 PM we walked down the most amazing staircase (I can’t even describe it so just look at the photos) and walked into what felt like a game show. We sat down in our pre-assigned seats and soon watched the most incredible hour and a half of entertainment. Part girly show and part hilarity there isn’t anything, anywhere more amazing than the robot show. Featuring incredible and ridiculous lifelike giant robots manned by sequined and sparkly bikini-clad women with rainbow wigs, there’s enough neon and lights in the small space to light all of Shinjuku and then some…

Robot Restaurant Robot Show
During the show the forrest people fought against the real robots using robotic animals and mystical creatures. So Cool!

Robot Restaurant Tokyo Japan
Daniel entering the Robot Restaurant down 3 flights of psychedelic stairs.

Robot Restaurant Tokyo
Rainbow ladies on the drums.

Robot Restaurant Bathroom
The most incredible bathroom at the Robot Restaurant.

Robot Restaurant Tokyo
The bar at the robot restaurant.

Post show we walked to dinner at an Italian restaurant (it was the only restaurant without a line in the area) called Italian Market, but really should have been called, “We’re Learning to Make What We Think is Italian Food”. Needless to say, the food was nothing special. After dinner we walked to Don Quijote—a random four-story souvenir shop, and left almost immediately after to go back and pack.

Don Quijote Market Shinjuku
“Pile ’em high, sell ’em cheap gets taken to the extreme at the Shinjuku branch of Don Qujote. The aisles and shelves are cluttered, disorganised and disorientating, but you’ll find everything from snacks to washing machines – if you look hard enough, at least.”

Don Quijote Market Shinjuku
Weirdly, there is an entire isle devoted to transgender costumes at Don Quijote Market.

Don Quijote Market Shinjuku
I thought about getting these for Halloween this year…. not quite sure what they are supposed to be.

Today was the last day of our trip. We woke up early to go back to Ueno Park to check out the cherry blossom trees during the day, which was more magnificent than the other night. It was crazy to see how many people were out so early at the park considering how dead the city feels at this time of day. After a bunch of photos we left and took the train to Harajuku station. We walked to The Roastry by Nozy Coffee for one last session with Riku (he’s the greatest) and went back to the hotel to get our bags. We took a 30-minute JR train to Noppori Station and another 30-minute Skytrain to Narita International Airport.

Ueno Park Cherry Blossoms
Blossoms during the day time

Ueno Park Cherry Blossoms
Last poses with the Sakura Blossoms.

Ueno Park Cherry Blossoms
Found this little wierdo being forced to pose by his mother in front of something near the cherry blossoms, but not the main attractions themselves.

Ueno Park Cherry Blossoms
Jumping Jaxy at Ueno Park Cherry Blossom festival

The Roastry by Nozy Coffee
One last stop at The Roastry by Nozy Coffee with Riku.

"Peace out Asia. From Sawadika to Ni-How to Konichiwa (to backpacks and suitcases) its been real. Thanks for the hospitality, the eccentricities, and all the other amazingly weird stuff. We'll keep the memories for years. Back to reality—onwards and upwards"
“Peace out Asia. From Sawadika to Ni-How to Konichiwa (to backpacks and suitcases) its been real. Thanks for the hospitality, the eccentricities, and all the other amazingly weird stuff. We’ll keep the memories for years. Back to reality—onwards and upwards”

At the airport we happened to bump into a friend I met abroad in Argentina named Ben. Ben joined Daniel and I for sushi at Gate 33 (recommended by Tessa) for our last meal at Narita Airport—sometimes the world feels so small. Now were sitting on the plane on the way back to Los Angeles.

Narita International Airport Japan
Outside of Gate 33 sushi restaurant at Narita International Airport with Ben.

I can’t believe it’s been two months since we left. It’s been a wonderful adventure filled with amazing experiences and memories that we won’t soon forget.

Flight to America
“After an amazing 4 months of traveling we are heading back to LA to start our new lives up in a new city”

Stay tuned as we’ll continue to post some other amazing things about the trip that we didn’t have time to do on the go.

Thanks so much for following our journey—we hope you enjoyed it!