My ‘Second Baby’ Product List

You don’t need much—mostly just new meds and products for the diaper changing table.


  • Car Seat (Nuna Rava)
    • Since we already own the Nuna Pipa car seat (used it for the first baby), I purchased the Rava as a second car seat for our toddler. 
  • Mirror (Britax Back Seat Mirror)
    • Need a second one 


  • YoYo Board
    • We already have the YoYo Stroller so I added this Board so we could push the baby and have space for our toddler simultaneously while out on the go. 
  • Uppa Baby Vista Lower Adaptors
    • We already have the Vista stroller so I added the lower adaptors so we could push both kids. *One thing to note is that you can only use the bassinet on the lower adaptors, which means the toddler seat goes on top (not ideal). The only way to change the configuration is to buy the Rumble Seat—I’m not ready to commit to that yet.  Jury is still out on if this will be our stroller vs. a double stroller. 


  • Dish Soap (Dapple)
    • I used this last time around—it just helped get the breast milk out of bottles better than regular dish soap. 
  • Breastmilk Storage Bottles (Matyz 4 Pack)
    • I wish I knew about these my first go around. They are so much better than what I was using before. This is the only bottle I’ve found that is truly leak proof which is amazing. These are especially great if you’re an overproducter because they fit enough milk each pumping session without having to change bottles. 
  • Breastmilk Storage Bags (Mommy’s Precious)
    • I ordered both these and the Lansinoh Storage Bags which leaked everywhere. I like these Mommy’s Precious one’s because they store more milk (8oz) and they are sturdy. Just remember not to trust the measurements on the bags because for some reason they are off. 
  • Bottles (Como Tomo 5oz)
    • I bought a two pack of these just to have a new set. I will probably get 3-6 Flow Nipples next. 

Changing Table

  • Diaper Pail (Dekor Classic Hands Free)
    • We already had this one from baby number one, and decided to pull it back out (it’s better for small diapers.
  • Windi Whistle
    • Worth having on hand the second time around! 
  • Wipes (Water Wipes)
    • I ordered a whole box of these ahead of time.

Medicine (I’m not a doctor so please check with your pediatrician before using anything)



  • Detergent (Dreft)
    • I ordered this ahead of time but I might switch to something else after I use this up. Dreft changed their scent and I don’t love it.


  • Diapers (Huggies Newborn)
    • I ordered two packs ahead of time.
  • Pacifiers 
    • I ordered two WubbaNub pacifiers (because I forgot that it’s nice to wedge the stuffed animal part against the bassinet so that the pacifier stays in their mouth). I also ordered one pack of Vanilla scented Soothies because that’s what they used in the NICU. 

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